Looking for motivation partners! 100+ lbs to lose

I totally put this on the "getting started" board when I should have put it here! So here's my copy/paste lol!
I'm currently a stay at home mom of 3 boys, 7 years, 2 years and a 2 month old! I recently started the ketogenic diet and so far I'm loving it! I'm 25 years young ;) married to an amazing man that is soon leaving for a total of 13 month deployment. He works long hours now so he's not the best with support, though he eats all my healthy food lol!
I'm 5 foot 7 and currently a whopping 260lbs! That number is so depressing to me. My ultimate goal is to lose 100lbs and be a standing 160lbs by time my husband returns from his deployment! (Long shot, I know) but as for now I have my little goals for 20lbs at a time. I know that slow and steady wins the race! Feel free to add me. I'm definitely new here and not sure how everything works but would love some more mommy friends, or just friends in general! Lol!


  • kschattilly
    kschattilly Posts: 1 Member
    You can do it. I started at over 300 pounds and I'm at about 170 I want to get to 130 let's cheer each other on
  • slushel
    slushel Posts: 2 Member
    You can do it!!!!!! Everyone starts somewhere and I started at 275 and am now at 209!!! I still have a ways to go, but you can do it!!!
  • Boymom8134
    Boymom8134 Posts: 10 Member
    You can do it. I started at over 300 pounds and I'm at about 170 I want to get to 130 let's cheer each other on
    That is amazing! I added you!!
  • sagemarie45
    sagemarie45 Posts: 7 Member
    That's a great goal! You can do it! Just keep going! There are some great work outs on Amazon Prime that you can do at home. I'm sure your schedule is full with 3 kiddos!
  • JustKen74
    JustKen74 Posts: 150 Member
    I started in 2012 at 450lbs, Im currently at 277... you can do this! Fee free to add me!
  • Paigedammit
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    Also a SAHM,which makes it a lot easier to fall into bad habits!Because,you know,the kids really want me to bake cookies...lol
  • tmharrison1985
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    Hello, all ... I'm 31 with a little over 100 pounds to lose. Fell free to add me!!! The more friends and supporters the better. I have an open diary and my daily calorie goal is 1200-1400. Hope to see some of you on my friends list.
  • fattyflamingo
    fattyflamingo Posts: 7 Member
    Feel free to add me. I am 5'7" and at 248. I have just over 100 lbs that I would like to lose. My son is 15, so I don't have little ones. Though, sometimes he acts like he is 2 and I wanna smack him. :smiley:
  • reducingrenee622
    reducingrenee622 Posts: 48 Member
    I'm in the same boat! I am 24 years old, married, no kids. I need to lose 120 pounds to be in the 'regular' section of a BMI chart! It's going to be a long journey, but completely worth it!
  • ellenmaine
    ellenmaine Posts: 6 Member
    I started at 277 and have a goal of 175. I would love to have motivation partners! I'm super motivated and readily adopting a healthier eating plan and an exercise schedule. Add me!
  • alisonzarzecki
    alisonzarzecki Posts: 6 Member
    I am in the same boat, well as far as being 5'7'' and 265 pounds, with a large goal too. I started in at 273 and want to be at least 180. So I have your back if you have mine!! Lol
  • Bramblenberry
    Bramblenberry Posts: 6 Member
    Motivation partners are great! I just started and have over 100 to lose as well. Happy to add new friends here :)
  • rebeovi
    rebeovi Posts: 7 Member
    Im a saty home mom as well but I only have one 2 year old! Im 5'4" and weight 208 want to lose 65 pounds! Add me if you want
  • karenc118
    karenc118 Posts: 79 Member
    Good luck ! feel free to add me x
  • timjmartin23
    timjmartin23 Posts: 53 Member
    I'm on a similar journey, I am going to lose another 100 lbs this year, already lost 24lbs since I started with a PT in mid November.

    If I can share what I've found, denying yourself food or foods doesn't work - eat clean, unprocessed food for your main diet & moderation on the rest - stay in your MFP target & log everything - even if it puts you over!

    Exercise is everything & don't shy from the weights as well as cardio - it accelerates your base metabolism rate & really helps.

    Try not to "lose 100 lbs ... rather, lose 1lb but 100 times" ... don't know why but that makes me feel better

    Add if you wish... I don't ramble on quite as much but do log every day!

  • chgonzalez1978
    chgonzalez1978 Posts: 114 Member
    Congrats on your decision to better yourself! I was on a similar journey about 2 years ago (started at 300 and now I'm 173) and with help and encouragement from my MFP friends (along with others in my life) I was able to loose about 130lbs. That journey has ended only to start a new one which is to maintain my weight on the long term. Feel free to friend me and Ill be happy to assist in anyway I can.