I hate vegetbles

How do u season urs?


  • fishshark
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    last night i made green beans with chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, and a little honey.
    most other veggies i make with salt pepper and garlic. I have loved certain veggies my whole life but i suggest going on pinterest and searching veggies. Never ending recipies of delicious veggie recipies.
  • jemhh
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    I mostly eat them raw. Sometimes with dip, sometimes not.
  • earthnut
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    Nothing better than brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and broiled in the oven.

    Although usually i just eat them raw because i can't be bothered. :)
  • pebble4321
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    I'm munching on raw snow peas, carrot and celery sticks right now and they don't need any seasoning. Things like cherry tomatoes are pretty sweet and tasty and easy to eat too.

    Re seasoning - for roasted veg (especially sweet potato) I like chinese five spice powder and a bit of olive oil. Yum!

    I often wonder if people actually hate vegetables or if it's that people around you have cooked the life out of them so they turn to flavourless mush. Try things like broccoli lightly steamed so it's bright green and still a bit crunchy. Top it with a bit of grated parmesan or olive oil if you like though I don't usually add anything.
  • Orphia
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    I have them as ingredients in stir fries, curries, risotto, pasta, etc.

    Meat and 3 veg is so Fifties. But if you're into that, add sauces. Too many to list. Check out the sauce aisle.

    I also like Bubble 'n' Squeak, or crumbed vegetable fingers on the side.

    Or I like veggie burgers or veggie sausages. They are usually flavoured very palatably.

    Veggies are a great way to fill your stomach on very few calories!!
  • estherdragonbat
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    Stick em in soups and sauces if you must.
  • vingogly
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    If you roast them in the oven, some of the sugar in them caramelizes and makes them sweeter. Here's a recipe:


    Also, brussels sprouts are absolutely delicious pan fried:

  • Skyblueyellow
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    Roasting is super yummy. I did roasted broccoli the other night (I used olive oil, fresh broccoli, some salt, garlic, and pepper).

    Cooking method can do a lot with flavor. Of course there are things I just love plain, like green beans. I could eat steamed green beans every night, with just salt and pepper.

    Carrots are very delicious when roasted. It brings out a lot of flavor.

    Pinterest has a ridiculous amount of ways to cook vegetables.
  • Emily3907
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    I like to roast most of my vegetables. Usually a tiny bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and red pepper flakes. Once roasted, I toss them in some melted butter, maybe lemon juice and/or parmesan cheese depending on the vegetable.
  • MelanieCN77
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    Curry, buffalo sauce, lemon and pepper, lemon and garlic, chimichurri, pesto, harissa, sriracha, random herbs from the spice rack, bbq sauce.
  • Larissa_NY
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    I don't understand how anyone can say they hate vegetables. There are so many different vegetables, with different tastes and textures, along with heaps of different ways to prepare and serve them... It is not possible that you actually hate them all.

    This. I freely admit that I've been guilty of going "Ugh, I hate vegetables." But then when I sit down and start thinking of actual individual vegetables, there are a lot of them I like. I might hate "vegetables," but I love broccoli. And carrots. And sweet peas. And green beans. And green peppers. And... well, you get the picture.

    Saying you hate vegetables is like saying you hate cake. Really, all kinds? All flavors? With and without frosting? From Starbucks or from Dunkin Donuts? Try different spices. Paul Prudhomme has some really good ones.
  • AngelinaB_
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    I don't hate veggies but I cook them very bad I admit :/
  • nvmomketo
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    Cheese, sourcream or some other sauce or dip, like tzaziki or asiago and artichoke.

    Funnily, most of the veggies I like most are actually fruit: cucs, peppers, snap peas, squash. The only veggies I eat are leaves (except kale - yuck) a bit of root veggies, celery and cooked brocoli.... all need cheese or something though. ;)
  • leanjogreen18
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    I got my kids to eat veggies with either ranch dressing or cheese sprinkled on top. Maybe that would help?
  • yayamom3
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    When my son was younger and very picky, I used to make "Cheese Soup". I would cook a large bag of frozen mixed vegetables in vegetable or chicken broth and a package of dry onion soup mix. Then I would add a small bag of shredded cheddar cheese and let it melt. Then I used my immersion blender to puree it. It was delicious and the whole family loved it. And he never realized he was eating vegetables.
  • neldabg
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    I like to eat my veggies raw or steamed. I eat them with soy sauce and/or cheese wedges.
  • zyxst
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    Cooked - butter/margarine and black pepper or Mrs. Dash.

    Raw - either in a sammich or a salad; if a salad it's a low sodium dressing or balsamic reduction.

    You don't have to eat vegetables if you hate them.