1200 cal binge

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Hi all

Today was my first day in higher cals since decreasing my weight loss rate. And ive binged, totally uncontrollably. I had a homemade dinner and was full. Then it got to 8:30pm and i just binged by 1200cals fell awfull now and scared i will gain this week! I weigh in on Tuesday so have 4 days of damage control.

Ive been on the path since june last year and usally when i feel like binging i can talk myself out of it but i was like a wild animal tonight! So gutted feel like crying


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    Exactly what's written above!
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    Emily3907 wrote: »
    I know it is so much easier said than done, but don't beat yourself up. *kitten* happens, life happens and no one can be 100% perfect all the time. You had a small setback in the grand scheme of things. Dust yourself off and get back on track. Don't carry the binge with you emotionally. Also, don't do "damage control", just go about your next few days on plan as you have up until now. There is no need to punish yourself for this.

    Adding to the others agreeing with this advice. Trying to do damage control often leads to doing more damage in the long run. It's best to just move on.

    As you settle in further along your weight loss path, you'll become more comfortable with stumbles along the path. It's okay to have days where you overdo things. Sometimes, you might even plan for them, like on holidays or special occasions. Getting back on track usually smooths over the rough patches. You'll see.
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    Move on.
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    It'll be alright I binged the other day at a Mexican restaurant ate chicken steak nachos and a cheese burrito still lost almost 7 pounds this week don't stress.
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    Don't let it derail you. Btdt. Just accept it as part of being human, and the next time you're tempted (and there will be a next time) remind yourself that you didn't even really taste beyond the first bite. And remind yourself how stuffed you felt. Maybe take the first bite, log it, and move on. Or not. Either way it won't make any difference on this lifelong journey, unless you derail. Then you'll undo some or all of your hard work.
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    It's a good thing tomorrow is a new day. You don't have to live this over again, or do damage control. You just go back to normal
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    The "damage" amounts to 1/3 of a pound. Learning to move on is crucial to long-term success so I hope you can take this as an opportunity to do so.
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    Exactly what everyone else said.

    It happened. Tomorrow is a new day--put it behind you and get back on track. One day of overeating will not derail all of your hard work, but letting it discourage you could.
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    All the wonderful, positive, affirmation in this thread completely makes up for all the "people here are so mean" threads that pepper the site throughout the week!

    To the OP, I do hope you will take the advice given and move on emotionally from the binge. You aren't derailed in the big scheme of things! One thing I read here awhile back is (and I wish I could remember who wrote it so as to give proper credit!) if you were on a road trip and got a flat tire, you wouldn't give up and return home. You would fix the tire and continue your trip! It was written more eloquently by whoever said it, but you get the point :)

    Tomorrow is a new day with a whole fresh set of calories in your bank! I love new days! :smiley:
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    Have you taken a maintenance break? It's kind of important for mental health and it's good because it MIGHT raise your leptin levels a bit. It's also nice practice. Trust me...you want to be logging accurately if you switch to maintenance for two weeks :)
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    You won't ever gsin 1/3 pound from that, relax. You might gain a few pounds on the scale because of water weight due to eating excess carbs & sodium, bug that will come off in a week.

    Try to just move on and not do that again...

    Do you know why you binged? Usuallybits from restricting too much but yours was oddly from increasing calories. Did you eat a lot of sugar or carbs earlier in the day? That can increase appetite.
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    I have BED and I can easily eat upwards of 8k calories a day if it's bad. You just have to learn to forgive yourself and move on. Don't worry about what weight you may have gained because 1200 calories is roughly 1/3 of a pound. In the grand scheme of things, that's really nothing to worry about.
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    Good Morning all

    WOW! thank you all so much for your positive replies, certainly made me feel much better. I've dusted myself off and started today with a positive attitude and outlook.

    you're right these things will happen, its drawing a line under it and not continuing into the next day etc

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    One day at a time! We have all been there. I have spent an hour foraging in my pantry like a grizzly bear :) It's not what you do on any one day its what you do over the long haul.