Drinking Raw Eggs For Protein, salmonella is on the outer shell, while others claim its inside...

Planning to drink raw eggs, sick of cooking them just want to down them asap like shots of vodka. if any other mfp users do it successfully any suggestions to minimise the risk of the Runs. Thanks!.


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    liquid eggs.
    I actually did a little googline awhile ago, and turns out the risk of food poisoning from eating raw eggs is actually very low (less than .1 of a percent) but I am not a big fan of the texture so I hard boil a bunch at a time.

    good luck Rocky
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    You could hard boil a weeks worth at once. Personally that would take me less time than gagging down raw eggs...
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    I like to enjoy my food.

    The thought of shoting (?sp) raw eggs BLEUGH!!!
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    Salmonella can be inside the egg or on the shell. Salmonella can infect both the chicken's digestive tract and its reproductive organs, so an egg can become contaminated either when it is formed (in which case, the bacteria is inside the egg) or after it is laid (in which case it's outside the egg). Sources: http://www.livescience.com/10016-salmonella-eggs.html, https://www.cdc.gov/features/vitalsigns/foodsafety/

    So I think the question is really about what level of risk you are comfortable with. Statistically speaking, eating one or two raw eggs on rare occasions will probably not give you salmonella, but I think you're talking about doing this more often than that. Eating more raw eggs and/or continuing to eat raw eggs over a longer period of time increases your chances of eventually getting sick. Unless you just enjoy the taste of raw eggs, a nice protein bar or shake might be a more pleasant option.
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    ArtanoXCII wrote: »
    Planning to drink raw eggs, sick of cooking them just want to down them asap like shots of vodka. if any other mfp users do it successfully any suggestions to minimise the risk of the Runs. Thanks!.

    You could just batch cook a whole bunch of them. Egg muffins in baked in muffin tins in the oven is super easy. The same amount of prep compared to eating raw (crack eggs). Or hard boil them. Make a dozen or more of them at a time with either method; they store in the fridge for days. Or microwave your eggs in a mug or bowl; that's super simple, too.

    There's lots of easy and quick (and more delicious) ways to prepare eggs with very little effort involved. No need to resort to the more, umm, distasteful raw route.
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    Ever had Salmonella? I did, a restaurant called The Phoenix in downtown KCMO fed me bad homemade mayo. About 8 hours later I went to the bathroom, took a bucket with me. Two days later I was admitted to the gastrointestinal unit. You haven't lived till you spend three days in there! Oh the sounds and the odors.

    If you want to try raw I'd at least pasteurize them at home.

    Have you ever handled farm fresh eggs? They're covered in chicken $h!t. The whole bird can carry Salmonella not just the digestive system. I've raised chickens for eggs and meat, knew some folks who did the same. None of us ate raw eggs or had chicken tartar.
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    In the US, you can buy pasteurized eggs both as a liquid or in the shell. It might cost more, but it eliminates the chance of salmonella.

    Eggs have gotten dramatically safer in the US over the years, particularly in the last decade. The FDA has implemented rules about preventing and monitoring Salmonella in large producers' facilities, which likely had a big impact.

    People who think of eggs as a death sentence just have outdated information, but I wouldn't really say it is a myth, since it is based on what people were (correctly at the time) taught. I know in the 90s there was a ton of information/ publicity everywhere about Salmonella in the eggs (and chickens). There hasn't been an equal campaign to promote that there isn't salmonella in the egg supply now. I believe the cases of trichinosis in pork has also dropped dramatically. Most people don't go digging through food poisoning stats every year to see which foods have become more or less safe and then revise their cooking or food handling practices...

    Anyway, it is all a matter of risk tolerance. I usually use pasteurized eggs for raw applications. Salmonella probably won't kill me, since I am pretty healthy, but I've seen people with (bad?) Salmonella, and it is an experience I'd prefer to avoid. I'm willing (and can afford) to pay a few bucks extra to buy pasteurized eggs and avoid the salmonella lottery. :)

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    its not the risk of salmonella i would be worrying about, i just wouldnt be able to force raw egg down my throat
    i might try it as a skin remedy treatment on my face though
    good luck