How to thicken a curry?

I've been using curry paste with some onion, a drop of water and chicken pieces on a bed of cannellini beans. It's yummy and quite low cal, but even when the water has gone, it's still a bit runny. An online search tells me to use coconut milk, but then the cals go through the roof. Anyone have any ideas how to thicken it?


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    I think you could also blend the sauce with some of the beans and veggies to thicken it. More work but if that is what you want, might be worth it.
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    If you simmer the sauce longer, it might thicken. Or you could throw some of the beans in the food processor, then put that in the sauce.
  • Dried red lentils are low cal and soak up the water as they cook
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    I like to add a bit of greek yogurt once it's cooked. Thickens it nicely and makes for a creamier texture. I loove curry!
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    I like to add puréed chickpeas. Extra protein and fiber.
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    Turmeric thickens - add some black pepper with it too, and maybe a little tomato puree
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    Cornstarch, yogurt or tomato paste are what I typically use. Although I love the other poster's suggestion of blending up some beans.
  • Lots of good ideas, thanks everyone! I'm going with cornflour and a little tomato, though I think using a few beans to thicken it is a great idea too.
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    You can also mash a little potato into it, which is especially convenient if there are already potatoes in the recipe.
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    My girlfriend and I make a Paleo chicken tikka masala with cashew cream and thicken it further with a mixture of coconut or almond milk and arrowroot. You could also use tapioca starch, if you're staying away from corn.

    The cashew cream is made by soaking raw cashews in boiling water for half an hour, then draining them, and blending them with just enough water to get a consistency like Greek yogurt.

    We got the recipe online a while ago, and the site is no longer there, so I can't post a link. If anyone is interested in the recipe, PM me and I'll send it to you when I'm home...

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    I have used guar gum but am not sure how much....