Anyone with Migraines or pain conditions trying to lose.

Would love to see how other's are doing that have pain conditions but need to lose weight. I do good with the logging my food and meeting that goal. I get to workout sometimes, but then the pain gets in the way. Please share what works for you, and you can add me as a friend too!


  • Cuddleme72
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    Hi my name is Daniele. I'm 44, I have fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic migraines. For weight loss has been a struggle. Like you I try to workout and then I am in so much pain for several days that I can barely function and that's with very moderate exercise. What I have started doing is taking a short walk. It may sound funny but I actually started with just walking to the end of my driveway. I did this this in excess of walking to and from my car for work. I did this for about a week. Then I took stock of how I was feeling at the end of my walk on the last day. I actually felt like I was being a baby lol but I also noticed I wasn't crippled over crying in pain. So I decided the next week I would walk to the end of my block. Don't laugh it's only the edge of my yard but it's farther than my driveway. Each week I just kept reevaluating how I felt and decided if I was ready to go farther. I always did it one week at a time so I didn't feel overwhelmed. I hope this helps.