Been awhile

I'd like to add some active friends. Sadly, a lot of my old friends have stopped using the app. I use several apps for different reasons but I really like the encouraging, social aspect of MFP. Feel free to add me! :)


  • jkwolly
    jkwolly Posts: 3,049 Member
    Feel free to add me, I am super active on MFP!
  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,874 Member
    Welcome back! I did the same thing - left for an extended period and came back. Very pleased to find some of my friends are still active after all this time! I've found having engaged friends is one of the best ways to keep myself motivated.
  • Natbat31
    Natbat31 Posts: 5 Member
    Hey girl! I'm doing exactly what you are. My friends who were on here stopped a while ago too. I'm on here everyday so feel free to add me and chat!
  • andy_from_mn
    andy_from_mn Posts: 34 Member
    Ditto @pinuplove
  • yeahmolly
    yeahmolly Posts: 4 Member
    I want in! I was super active a few years ago...then...yeah. But I'm back again (and again..and again..) and I've always loved the community. Let's be friendsssss
  • JenSchimanski
    JenSchimanski Posts: 77 Member
    Finding it hard to stay motivated and still have a weigh to go! feel free to friend me,