Any other teachers experience the struggle of not having any energy left to work out? I feel exhausted at the end of the day. Any ideas?


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    Not the same, but I teach 12 3 year olds by myself at a daycare for 9 hours a day. I find myself super exhausted at the end of the day. I workout in the morning and food prep EVERYTHING on Sundays. Like I weigh and package and log all my meals and snacks for each day. I go to bed earlier, around 9 or 10, and wake up early for the gym Monday through Friday. Luckily I don't have to be at work until 8:30 so as long as I'm on on my way to work by 8 I'm good. So not such early wake ups, around 6 am. I also make sure I have my gym clothes laid out and my gym bag completely packed the night before. I just wake up, get dressed, throw my hair up, and grab my already packed food for the day and head out for the gym by 6:20 or so. It's all pretty easy once you get the routine down
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    I want to go straight to bed sometimes when I get home. I'm working as a paraeducator, but instead of helping teach, I spend a lot of time physically besides mentally dealing with their behavior. I'm going to apply to go back to teaching. I had a second stress test that finally showed that I have sleep apnea, so now they want to do more testing. I'm hoping that I'll eventually get rid of early morning headaches and have more energy.
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    I teach music, so I figure the dancing is part of my daily workout. If I'm up to it I go at night. Otherwise I go weekends.
    I leave for work at 6:30 am so mornings are hard.
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    Hi, I work in a behaviour unit with kids who are very energy consuming! I find it a struggle to get myself to the gym but I found taking my gym clothes to work with me means I can leave straight from work and head to the gym. Also ensure you have an energising breakfast and mid afternoon slow release energy snack. I do feel your pain!
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    I teach....one on one, usually starting at 7am and finishing 4/5pm with not much break. I don't have an issue with working out afterwards... I just go do it.

    I go straight from work to the gym. I don't give myself an opportunity to go home (although when I go home I don't have time to stop and sit down... It's study time because I'm also a part time student)
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    lindarpolk wrote: »
    I want to go straight to bed sometimes when I get home. I'm working as a paraeducator, but instead of helping teach, I spend a lot of time physically besides mentally dealing with their behavior. I'm going to apply to go back to teaching. I had a second stress test that finally showed that I have sleep apnea, so now they want to do more testing. I'm hoping that I'll eventually get rid of early morning headaches and have more energy.

    My husband has sleep apnoea - he wears a cpap machine and doesn't wake up foggy/headachey or tired any more (unless he gets less hours than normal)
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    I am exhausted at the end of the day, but I force myself to exercise after the dinner dishes are cleaned. After I exercise I have a burst of energy to correct papers, get my daughter and myself ready for the next day, and get my husband out the door (he works overnights). I find that I also sleep better when I exercise, so I am less tired than when I don't exercise.

    I am not a morning person, and I am already up at 5am each morning to get out the door by 6:15, so mornings would not work for me!
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    Sure, there are lots of days I'm exhausted. I almost have a 2 hour total commute too. But I suck it up because it's necessary for me. I refuse to wake up early because morning workouts are horrible for me. That leaves only after work. You eventually have to deem it important enough to get it done before or after school. Not to mention, it's a huge stress reliever after a hard day.
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    Yes, I am completely spent at the end of the day. I already wake up at 4 am, as I commute, so a morning workout is not going to happen. My plan for working out is to do it after school, before I even leave work. I am going to play an exercise DVD on my computer, and project it on the wall. I usually have at least 2 nights a week of meetings, so it won't be every night. I have done this in the past and find that once I get the DVD started, I have the energy to finish. I know it is hard though, especially when you add in a family with kids to take care of. Good luck, and feel free to add me as a friend! (p.s. I have not started this routine yet because I just dislocated my shoulder and am afraid to exercise with it yet!)
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    I am an elementary physical education teacher. At age 63, I wanted to come home and power nap. I started drinking veggie/ fruit smoothies throughout the day. It gave me much more energy and I don't feel the need to rest. I can work out after work or early morning. I drink about a quart a day. Fresh baby greens, a banana, 8 strawberries, two apples, some frozen pineapple, some raw ginger, a full lemon, a handful of almonds 2 small containers of coconut water and some crushed ice. I have been doing this since the start of the year. Filling, packed full of vitamins, boosts the immune system.

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    I have noticed that I am less tired if I can resist crashing out on the sofa when I get in, and dance around for a bit in the kitchen instead. But reading all these makes me so sad that this is how hard teachers have to work. Here in the UK we are in danger of putting off potential young teachers because it's such an exhausting job! Congratulations to each and every one of you.
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    I have no energy at the end of the school day... I have to force myself to exercise... Teaching is exhausting
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    The first thing I want to do when I get home from teaching is change into the comfiest, baggiest clothes, but I've been changing right into my gym clothes after work and that's been getting me to work out. The weekend binge eating on the other hand has been difficult to handle...
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    Not a teacher but I have a similar brutal start time (7am). I echo what others have said about packing clothes and going to the gym straight from work.

    I also feel so mentally drained from work that I really like doing group exercise or (if I can afford it) having a session with a trainer. It's so nice to turn your brain off and let someone else tell you what to do! ;)

    Kudos to all the work you do as a teacher. You all really are amazing!
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    Not a teacher either....but married to one who is with me in the weight loss/fitness journey just doesn't use MFP! Hubby is up at 5:30am everyday to commute to college to teach some darling teenagers their algebra and quadratic equations! Usually doesn't get home again till 6pm. We try to both go swimming together two evenings a week as he finds this a good workout and quite relaxing. Then try to make the most of the weekends really but it's tough as all you amazing teachers still have so much work to do on the weekend.

    I work as a healthcare assistant which leaves me shattered at the end of a long shift but at least when I walk out of the door the work doesn't follow me home!

    Echoes the kudos to you all!
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    I am with you on the exhaustion. I teach 6th grade Science and Social Studies plus have my own child's activities after school. I get up at 5 a.m. every morning during the school week to work out. At first I was hardly able to drag myself out of bed but my body is slowly getting used to the time. I also browse the movies on HBO the night before to see what will be playing while I am working out. I found that if I am interested in a movie...WITH NO commercials, my workout time goes by quickly. I have also noticed an increase in energy during the day...a huge plus while running around the classroom. Good luck!
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    It is hard to exercise after work. I didn't have any luck with that - not just due to being tired, but coming home after 6:00 PM to a husband and little one who need me made me feel terribly guilty!

    I started getting up a 4:00 AM so I can workout on the treadmill for an hour. It sounds crazy, but I have to leave at 6:00 and with an hour to get myself ready and then my daughter for school... I actually find I have MORE energy for the day. And a more positive outlook. Try it!
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    I feel you, I'm exhausted after work. I teach 5th grade and I just want to crawl into bed for a nap after school. Some days I do exactly that but I made a commitment to exercise so I will go in the evening 1 hr of my daily I have to commit to my health
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    I'm not a teacher but I have a very demanding job that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. A lot of times I feel like the exhaustion is mental - all those meetings, ppt presentations, small talk - perceived as physical fatigue. If I manage to drag myself to the gym or out for a run, it only takes 10 min before I start to feel alive again. Almost always felt re-energized after a workout. getting out of the door is the hardest!