I'm getting married in July and I'm the heaviest I've ever been! Sos!

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Hi guys.
My name is Taylor and I'm a snackoholic!
Now that's out of the way... I need some serious motivation. I've been on and off MFP for years (5+) and I truely believe it works if you log, weigh whatever enters your mouth and walk! I also like to live in ignorant bliss and pile on the pounds! I managed to get down to 156lbs a few years ago and my confidence shone though! However I crept up to 191 through laziness and snacks and now I need to kick some *kitten*!
My wedding is the 1st of July this year so that's a mini goal to reach. My main goal is my honeymoon in September where I hope to have the confidence for a bikini and to relax with my future hubby with less worries than I would now!
So if anyone would like to join me on my ups and downs to make it to these deadlines I would love you to add me. I'll be as motivating as I can be too!
Together we can kick some pounds and show the world who is boss


  • Spartan_Gingi
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    I started at about the same stats as you, and I'm down 28 lbs! I'm getting married in June :). We can do this!
  • cookie_112
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    I had a similar starting point. I have also been on an off MFP for years - with plenty of success :) but I like snacks too, hence why I come back here to reign it in :smiley: add me
  • hannahg03
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    I am not getting married till April of 2018 but I figured if I start now, I may have the body I want by then. We can do it!!!
  • cchhiipp22
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    You said you need some serious motivation. You also said your wedding is in July (yay) and honeyoon in September. So it sounds to me you have all the motivation you need right there. Good luck! :)
  • RastaLousGirl
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    My wedding is next February! :smile: Congrats!! Feel Free to add me!
  • rsclause
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    Start now and stop saying tomorrow I will. Its okay to start this halfway through the day, I promise. Good luck!
  • kagostinis
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    Add me
  • cowsanddogsarecute
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    Hi! I'm not getting married until 2021 but I thought it's best to start now! Add me if you want.
  • cjcmrn
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    Hey there, add me. Getting married in July 1st as well. We can kick each other's *kitten* to get there!