TRX classes

My gym is offering group TRX classes for a few. Just wondering if anyone takes this and what you think? Is TRX equvillant to doing weights?


  • scr183
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    TRX can be great as a resistance workout that also includes some mobility and balance work, and can absolutely be progressive in nature. Comparing it to training with weights, though, is pretty much apples to oranges. FWIW, I started my resistance training with a combination of bodyweight work and TRX for several months, and though I've since moved on to heavy lifting, still sometimes like to incorporate TRX in as assistance work. If you are just beginning any kind of resistance training, you can definitely get a lot of mileage out of it.
  • lorrpb
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    Absolutely! TRX is awesome and gets you great results. I find it fun and it is infinitely progressable from beginner to elite athlete with steeper angles and harder exercise variations. It is completely different than doing weights, but you can get the same results or better. I do both, just because I like to. I would encourage you to check out the classes and see if you like them. Some gyms do a combo class of TRX & kettlebells or TRX & weights.
  • FFeric
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    I teach several HIIT and weightlifting classes and incorporate TRX straps into both. It takes a bit to get used to them but they can really isolate muscles and as a previous poster said, you can do a lot of balance and stability work with them.
  • kar328
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    I've been doing TRX for almost three years now and really love it. I was morbidly obese when I started and not in great shape, but the great thing is that you can make the moves as easy or difficult as you need by where you stand in relation to the anchor point. A good instructor will show you all easier and hard modifications. It's an all around great workout, helps with balance and stability as well.
  • cessi0909
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    We took our first TRX class today although I have used it a few times while working out with a friend. I loved the class and liked that I could make the moves harder or easier based on my own fitness level. Some I did more deep and others I needed to make easier.