Saying goodbye. 10lbs at a time.

Down 26 since Dec 15th. (254-228)

Goodbye 250s
Goodbye 240s
Goodbye 230s

New territory now. Watch out 220s

Thanks for inspiration


  • shalaya7656
    shalaya7656 Posts: 2 Member
    This a perfect way to keep going. I also have been doing it this way so it doesn't feel that bad. Awesome
  • c50blvdbabe
    c50blvdbabe Posts: 213 Member
    Great way to tackle your goal. Small achievements at a time. Keep up the good work.
  • glennagael
    glennagael Posts: 84 Member
    edited February 2017
    So awesome! This is major inspo as I (just) started at the same weight and am trying to maintain the same pace. Do you mind sharing more about your diet/work outs?

    Congrats again!
  • cupcakes8kr
    cupcakes8kr Posts: 97 Member
    How on earth were you able to lose 30 lbs since Dec? Please & thank you
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    That is awesome!!
  • ChristineCain
    ChristineCain Posts: 76 Member
    Great way to really keep things in perspective. My first go around with MFP, I was very successful and set big goals. This time around, I'm taking a slower approach. 10 pounds at a time. Helps to not keep me discouraged. Good luck!!
  • SparkyTinman
    SparkyTinman Posts: 47 Member
    OMGosh!! I was just sitting here on a commuter train feeling miserable after so many false starts. Since I have 100+ to lose I was thinking that maybe if I just aim for 10, it won't feel so daunting. ...and then I logged in to look for inspiration and here you are!!!! Well done
  • wannabehappy79
    wannabehappy79 Posts: 16 Member
    Love this motto. Can't go wrong with this, very inspiring
  • abigailhe
    abigailhe Posts: 28 Member
    This is exactly how I am setting my goals this time around! Ten pounds at a time sounds so much better than "I want to lose sixty pounds".
    I'm also looking forward to celebrating each ten pound loss with a new shirt or pair of jeans!
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