Day 1 = Done!

This may not seem like a success story but for me it is. Yesterday I completed Day 1. I have always started Day 1 strong but as they day went on I always slipped and said I will start again next week. Last night when I laid down I felt something I haven't felt in a while. Proud!!! It's going to be a long road but hour by hour I am more confident that this time is different. Feel free to add my as a friend. I'm going to need all the support and motivation a guy can get.


  • AmandaLawter
    AmandaLawter Posts: 55 Member
    Awesome! Keep going. Eventually, your every day struggles to get healthy will become habits. You can do it!
  • xAbiCatx
    xAbiCatx Posts: 82 Member
    Well done just keep on going. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it :smile:
  • littlemshepy
    littlemshepy Posts: 28 Member
    Aww well done you! 1st day is always hard continue doing it and I promise you it'll get easier
  • 3rdof7sisters
    3rdof7sisters Posts: 486 Member
    Way to go!
    One day at a time will add up and bring us to our goals.
  • roasty89
    roasty89 Posts: 5 Member
  • Bites_2017
    Bites_2017 Posts: 33 Member
    That sounds like a success story to me! Starting is the hardest part. Sometimes I have to take it minute by minute in the face of temptation! Congratulations and goodluck!
  • jessiferrrb
    jessiferrrb Posts: 1,758 Member
    i love this success story.

  • NewGemini130
    NewGemini130 Posts: 219 Member
    Sometimes you just know you got this! Good job!
  • moevans19
    moevans19 Posts: 8 Member
    I have the same struggle! Each day I start off great! Then by the end of the day my cravings become too strong and I'm having such a hard time resisting the sweets. Keep up the good work!
  • lavender51
    lavender51 Posts: 41 Member
    That's great! One successful day leads to another successful day, then a successful week..........being on track for one whole day gives you confidence that you can do the same another day.

    Well done :)

    Reminds me of the old saying.....A walk of a thousand miles begins with a single step......

    You've taken the first step and I think that first step is the most important :)
  • shakenbake57
    shakenbake57 Posts: 312 Member
  • Canehdn
    Canehdn Posts: 122 Member
    Way to go! The hardest part is yet to come. You can totally do this. I'm excited to see your 30 day results. I highly recommend you watch this video. It helped me a ton. No Excuses baby!
  • sweetpea813
    sweetpea813 Posts: 112 Member
    edited February 2017
    This is exactly how I made it as far as I have. I had a different mindset and I remember laying down that first night and being excited and proud for making it through the first day. The next morning, I woke up the next morning and remembered the day before and was immediately pumped to start the day. I've been doing this for over a year and still wake up happy when I kept on track the previous day. Good job! It gets easier.
  • DeweyAndreas
    DeweyAndreas Posts: 6 Member
    Thanks everybody for the positive responses. Today was my weigh in day and I am down 7.2 pounds. As the week as gone on I have been feeling more energy and the struggle is becoming easier. It's amazing what cutting out certain foods, drinking water and exercising can do.

    I know I can't expect this kind of weight loss over the course of this journey but it sure is a nice jump start.

    Just started myself. Add me if you like.
  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,874 Member
    I love this! Starting is the hardest part for me. Once I make up my mind to just DO IT ALREADY, I'm just stubborn enough to do keep doing it :)
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