67lbs down...but that's it :/

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Hey guys, I could really use some advice. Over the course of a year, I have lost 4st 11lbs and I couldn't be more happy or proud. But I'm not where I need to be and I've been stuck here for the past 3 months.

I didn't lose this weight by counting calories, I just ate less then I normally do. From time to time I'll check an item if I'm not too sure.

But I think my body has gotten used to it. I haven't been active during this time either. I would like to start working out since I'm a lot lighter.

What should I do? I'd be really grateful for some advice

Thanks guys xxx


  • cbl40
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    Purchase a food scale and start weighing and logging. The weight will come off. Be patient.
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    First off, congrats on your fantastic weight loss so far! Your progress is truly amazing!

    Now, regarding your ongoing plateau, one thing that comes to mind is that your BMR (basal metabolic rate, aka what your body needs to function) and your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) have both probably gone down significantly with the dramatic weight loss. Basically, you need fewer calories to maintain your current body weight than you did at your previous body weight...so what once was a reduction in calories (just eating a little less, as you described it) is now eating at maintenance level for your current weight.

    I would recommend weighing and tracking everything, and if cutting back your caloric intake would put you below 1200-1400, I would strongly recommend boosting your metabolism and burning extra calories with some light cardio and strength training. This will give you a little more wiggle room if you don't want to eat much less than what you're currently eating.

    If you don't want to do that and just want to reduce calories, then I would suggest paying really close attention to your nutrition and make the calories you're eating count. Don't blow your daily calorie allotment on cake or fries so that you don't end up getting enough of he good stuff your body needs to be healthy...and take vitamins!

    Good luck! You've come so far already...I'm pretty sure you've got this!
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    Great job

    Time to count calories. There's a million different tips and tricks and ways to help yourself lower your calorie intake with more satiety and feeling better etc., but there's a million ways for them to go wrong and trick yourself especially after you've made a tremendous weight loss, directly controlling calories is the unifying guaranteed variable to solving weight loss plateaus
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    I agree with the above. Get a food scale. You'll need to focus on the calories in a lot more as you are closer to you goal.

    Having said that, you asked about workouts. That ends up being a personal choice. You need to figure out what you enjoy (or at least don't despise) and make it part of you normal routine forever. For me it's time on the treadmill. Started walking in front of the tv and now am near the end of the C25K. I do a little weight lifting at home, but the thought of going to a gym fills me with dread so I'm not going to do it. But you may be different and you may enjoy Zumba or spin class where you work out with others. The point is to get a mix of cardio and weights that you will do and continue to do even after the weight has come off.
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    Congratulations on the weight loss, that's fabulous! Now would be a good time to start counting calories so you can see exactly what your body requires to either maintain or continue losing. With your much lighter body weight you require much less per day.
    Exercise will definitely help rev up your metabolism. If I were you, I'd plug my numbers into an online TDEE/ or NEAT calculator so I'd have a true knowledge of how many calories I should be eating. Good luck!
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    A huge round of applause for what you have accomplished. I ask you to not lose sight of that when you become frustrated with your next goal(s).

    I agree with the above posters about weighing your food and actually tracking calories. Plateaus can be frustrating -- I've been there.

    First, I suggest you take a measuring tape to your body, too. I had plateaus where the dial on the scale did not move, BUT my body measurements did. (Fullest part of chest, narrowest part (under breasts), natural waist (usually the narrowest part), hips, upper thighs (fullest measurement), maybe calves, maybe fullest portion of upper arms...) Tape measurements can be meaningful every two weeks, though I measured once a month. Invariably, I was still shrinking even as the scale showed no change. This may help you find peace as you figure out how to knock your body off of this or any other plateau.

    Secondly, I would suggest adding exercise. Plateaus need, for lack of a better word, a kick start to move. If you said you had been exercising, I'd suggest exercises different than what you had been doing, but you say you haven't been active, so, get active. Try something brand new. Choose an old favorite. Try cardio. Try strength. Try anything and make your body move.

    Wishing you continued success!
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    67 lbs is a great accomplishment! It is easier to lose weight by guesstimating when you first start out and have a lot to lose. Clearly, now it is time to tighten things up some more and start weighing food, logging, and counting calories. After doing this for a few months, you might have a good idea of your new portion sizes and can go back to guesstimating based on your new routine. That's what I did, because I am very consistent in what I eat from day to day.
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    11 lbs. is awesome. Sometimes just a little exercise makes a huge difference. Walking around the office at lunch or to get to your car. Part of a workout video at night. Keep keeping on! You'll make it!
  • Yasmine91
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    You guys are brilliant, thank you so much all of you for taking the time to advise me. And I'm glad that the answers have been consistent. I'll definitely take everything into consideration and see what happens. Fingers crossed! Xxx