I keep GAINING weight instead of LOSING!!

I need some help.. pointers, anything.... for 27 days now i have ate my goal of 1350 calories or less.. and worked out about 5 days per week... I haven't gotten on a scale bc I didn't want to be too hard on myself... so today (after 27 days) I got on the scale and according to it I've GAINED 6 pounds!!! This is the most discouraging, confusing thing I've ever had to deal with....

Please help.. any pointers or advice is appreciated.


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    The first thing most people will ask is are you using a food scale to log all your foods? 9.9/10 people are eating more than they think.

    agree with this... food scale is my biggest weapon
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    Besides the food scale and logging everything you eat/drink - how close are you to TOM? It's been 27 days. This could be a factor. Also take pics and measurements.
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    If you are using a food scale, you're weighing first thing in am after using the restroom in the same thing as your first weigh in...

    TOM, high sodium foods the day before or a new workout routine could also account for water retention.

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    How are you recording your exercise, and are you eating back the exercise calories? You should eat them, but be careful you're not overestimating them. This can happen with any method but it seems to be particularly a problem with the Fitbit or similar.
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    If you're exercising 5 days a week, how accurate are you measuring calories spent exercising? And are you eating all those calories back? Because if you're overestimating exercise and eating those calories back, you could be at a calorie surplus due to that.
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    If you have been working out 5x's a week it may just be muscle. Check your measurements.
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    If you have been working out 5x's a week it may just be muscle. Check your measurements.

    Muscle mass/weight comes from food too. It doesn't appear out of thin air. You need to eat above maintenance to gain muscle weight (i.e. to gain these 6lbs in the form of muscle... Or in the form of whatever really).
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    I haven't been using a food scale, I will start that.
    I've been using a scale that I've had for years, so maybe I should buy a new one.

    Thanks for some insight
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    Is your scale tared? If my scale is moved at all I need to reset it. (Body weight scale, not food scale)
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    Uh uh
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    Also check that your bathroom scale isn't broken or needs new batteries, 6 pounds in a month seems a lot considering you'd have to eat 700cals above maintenance every single day and you're exercising so much. Also worth noting if the exercise is a new thing your aching muscles could be storing a lot of fluid for repair, is there anything else that could be effecting your water weight? Hormones? Has the diet made you bloated with irregular BMs?

    But as others have said accurately weighing everything you consume including condiments, cooking oil and drinks (especially alcohol) is first priority.
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    Could be sodium intake too- did you happen to eat out the night before you weighed in?
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    You can't eye food weight
    The key to calorie counting isn't exercise its weighing soilds on a good food scale digital one and measuring liquids in a jug

    It's really easy to eat double or treble your calories from eye only

    I got my step daughter to show us how much cereal she eats at her mums house as she's gaining weight fast she's 10 her mum doesn't 'mind' what her children eat where as we are more aware of health and weight ( her mum has diabetes 2) my stepdaughter put in 3 times the amount I eat and we can see how she's gaining weight she's having 600 calories of cereal

    If your working out that much you'd see a weightloss or inch loss on a weighed and measured 1350 calories

    Remember EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CONSUME FOOD OR DRINKS need to be logged it's easy to pick at foods without realising sauces contain mounds sugar calories and drinks are high in calories too
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    I will confess that I was guestimating alot of my foods. I have started weighing them in grams to find out what they really are. Well! That was an eye opener. The closer you are to goal the less room you have for error. I was guessing my morning cream cheese at 2 tablespoons (60 cals) and ended up with 92 calories by weight. Yeah it's only 32 calories but every day I was under and that is just one example. As much as the scale is a pain it is also much more accurate. The other thing I was guilty of was a bite of this or that here and there. Cooking and tasting was one of my issues. My husband isn't dieting so I cook things for him I don't eat and of course I would taste more than necessary. All those little bites add up. You may not be guilty of any of these things but just throwing it out there in case.