Hello from snowy Pennsylvania!

Hey everyone! I'm a stay at home mom of two young kids. Between having children, struggling with postpartum depression, and a couple bouts of poor health, I've managed to almost double my pre-baby weight. Ugh. I'm tired of always feeling like crap and barely having the energy to keep up with my kids. With my husband finally on board because he's put on some weight too, we're on a journey to get healthier and help our kids establish healthier habits before it becomes an issue for them. I started my weight loss journey about 3 weeks ago and have been seeing steady progress so far but, as always, it's a work in progress. Anyhow, I'm happy to be here!


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    Hi alegna! When it rains, it pours, right? Fortunately there's bound to be a rainbow somewhere at the end if you have your head up to see it. Struggling with depression on and off for most of my life has been a major roadblock in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so I can relate! That's fabulous your partner is in it with you! It's said so many ppl on here have the opposite situation. Your kids will without doubt take notice of how you live! You can preach to them all you want, but they'll really listen to what you actually do. Feel free to add me for more support!
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    Thank you both! Jroth, it was a long struggle to get him on board, but he's been fully committed to it for the last month. He's doing really good! His biggest issue is really just getting back in shape. He has a little weight to lose, but he's also pretty muscular and at 6' and 220, his main focus is more on toning up than losing a lot of weight. I'm very proud of him for seeing it through so far.
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    I'm in pretty much the same situation. Feel free to add me and maybe we can help each other :)
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    I'm going through depression now only this time I have to make myself eat. When other times i eat too much. I've started working out Monday, which makes me feels amazing. Just taking this thing one day at a time. Good Luck to you all.
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    Feel free to add me! Fellow PA'er lol