Benefits to weighing self everyday?



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    I never weighed myself daily before, but I heard people raving about it. It kept them accountable. Now, I have been weighing myself for a week, every single day. I understand the rationale for it. As a woman, I see my weight go up by 5 lbs in a week just with hormone fluctuations, so while I record my weight every day it's only a general reference point, and once I have 30 days of reference points I can actually see my REAL weight, how it is fluctuating by what I eat and what exercise I do, and make changes for a more successful weight loss plan.
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    As above - I use the libra app.
    Weighing every day it takes out inconsistencies in both your weight and the scales with the smoothing, giving a better idea of what's going on so you can more quickly adjust - as above, once a week you could easily miss that there's issues with your CICO with inconsistencies.
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    I weigh every day on my Wii Fit, and only log new lows into MFP. I agree that you see daily numbers as more of a 'data point', which removes the stress/mind-games from it. For me, anyway. For some it could cause over-restriction to try to force the scale down-down-down every day, but I know that's impossible.

    It also helps me get 'back on track' after a day of eating too much. Last time, I was up 0.9lbs the morning after a buffet, and then up 0.2 the next day too, and instead of thinking I was the worst fattest eat-beast ever, it made me realise it's because all that extra food had 'backed me up'. So once my system was back to normal, I was back to my normal weight, and then within a couple more days, I was down another 0.5lbs. I knew I hadn't just packed on 1.1lbs of fat literally in a 12-hour period from a 1000 calorie surplus (it takes 3500 calories to put on 1lb), so I knew there had to be other factors.

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    I weigh daily and I think it keeps me sane. Seeing the bumpy line over and over but going downwards means the stress of seeing what the scale actually says on any given day is gone. I can even predict to the day, if I have been eating my normal good way, if I have maintained or gained or lost. I have a pattern of like three days small downwards movements, hold, maybe up a half or pound, then back to the couple days downwards. If I only weighed once a week I might miss this nuance. Also it's easy to eat well for a day, mentally looking at a big stretch without feedback is harder for me.
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    I weigh daily at the moment to give myself an idea of my trending weight lose. Then in a month (I'm only new here) I'll have a better understanding of how to adjust calorie intake to keep at a slow progressive loss.
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    Weighing yourself every day is one way to see if your colonic cleanse is working. :)
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    I step on a scale every day at the gym but my official weigh-in is at home on Saturday mornings when I first get up. I have a nice Omron Body Composition scale. I use that for my full body comp and those are the results I post here on MFP. I don't see any benefit to doing the full comp daily. What's important is the long term trend and if one does it all right, that trend will be downward... or whatever direction your goals dictate. ;)
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    nmedina10 wrote: »
    I am planning to weigh myself everyday and logging it in a weight loss tracker. What are the benefits of doing this? Is it normal to gain a pound one day and lose it the next? I just wanna prepare myself so I don't get depressed over gaining weight overnight
    I weigh myself before bed and right when I awaken.
    The benefit?
    I always know where I am based on my training and food intake. Knowing the truth is always beneficial, but you just need to have the courage to face that truth with reasonable expectations.
    Good Luck!

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    I weigh a lot because it helps me know what I'm doing right and wrong. You can learn a lot from the scale, not just weight.
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    As most people above have commented, if you approach it in the right way (ie once a day only, not hopping on and off several times a day) it takes the emotion out of it and you get used to the fluctuations caused by water/sodium etc. It also takes away the whole "wah, I've been good all week so why haven't I lost" slimming club mentality of weighing on a set day each week.
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    Other than stressing myself out? Honestly, it's a personal thing. If you can roll with the fact that your weight will probably fluctuate every single day, then you should be fine. If not, I recommend you do it less often.
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    It might be good, at least for a while, to understand how it changes through the week responding to certain things.

    Sounds obsessive but for the first few days to a week when I first really started I measured a few times a day, so I now know that roughly before bed I'll be 2-3lbs heavier than first thing in morning, if I have a high carb day I'll be heavier the next day, heavier after exercise etc. Data!

    If you're the type of person that would allow it to effect emotionally then I actually think doing more is better at first.... because it shows you real data that that one off measurement couldnt, and you can understand why it's changed based on what you've been doing etc.

    I've calmed quite a lot now and just in the routine now so rarely weigh, every few weeks cos I know that what I'm doing will bring down over time.
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    ... or an utter soul destroyer.

    Only you will know which.[/quote]

    I had to stop the everyday weighing as it became too much, for me. I'm trying to weigh once a month. Whatever works for you, I couldn't handle a two pound gain, lol, even though my logical self knew what to expect. I also started to obsess over ounces. I had to let it go and realized as long as I log, weigh and measure my food, along with exercise, then the weight will come off. Good luck to you.