I LOVE Cauliflower, Hubby Doesn't

Hi all! First-time poster here!
My husband and I started following a ketogenic diet as a family about 5 weeks ago. We've had great success, and we feel great. Cooking when coming home from work is my stress relief; so I'm loving trying all these new recipes.
I love cauliflower and I've been dying to try out more cauliflower recipes, but my husband already declared that it would be the one thing he would refuse to eat. I already put him on the spot with a Thai Beef and Broccoli and he had to eat it in front of our 6yo. He doesn't like broccoli either and usually our son will say he doesn't like whatever Daddy doesn't like.
He says he doesn't like the smell of cooked cauliflower - so I think his idea is just boiled or steamed. That's really not appetizing either.

Do you want to share your best cauliflower recipes? I was thinking of just baking with butter, garlic and Parmesan, something easy like that for starters. What do you all think?


  • brynnsmom
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    Honestly roasting it in the oven as you mentioned is my favorite way to cook it. It's delicious with curry powder as well, if you like curry. I've had a mashed version that was totally awesome, even tastier than mashed potatoes.
  • lightenup2016
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    We routinely roast cauliflower and broccoli in the oven. We just toss with olive oil and salt before roasting. Mmmmm
  • OhMsDiva
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    Cauliflower rice is my new favorite food. I chop it up in the processor, add onions and garlic and whatever flavors I am in the mood for. I have cooked it on the stove in olive oil and I have baked it in the oven like a casserole.
  • RodaRose
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  • CafeRacer808
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    This is my absolute favorite roasted cauliflower recipe. I usually cut the butter by 1/3-1/2 and it still turns out great. Sometimes I augment the recipe with either paprika, cayenne or thyme.

  • richardgavel
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    Boiled cauliflower, chopped up and mixed with butter and Italian seasoned bread crumbs
  • annacole94
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    Lactofermented curry cauliflower pickles. Great probiotics, great taste.
  • maddymama
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    The rule in my house is the chef chooses the menu. If I want to eat cauliflower, I'll cook it. If someone doesn't like it, they know to take a "no thank you" bite and leave it politely on their plate. My job is to put mostly healthy food on the plate, it's their job to choose what to eat off of the plate.
    That said, I love caulipots (half cauliflower, half potatoes mashed with stock and spices), roasted cauliflower, cauliflower in korma sauce, etc. What veggies does your husband like? My husband loves Brussel sprouts, I dislike them intensely. But occasionally I will make some roasted sprouts for HIM because he is very good at trying the foods I cook.
  • JeanieWww
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    I've seen some interesting things to do with cauliflower on pinterest. Check there for some interesting ways to cook it that don't leave it quite as nasty as boiling
  • ActivatedAlm0nds
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    annacole94 wrote: »

    I have to ask, I can't eat a lot of thick vegetables, like carrots, raw because they upset my TMJ. Does fermenting help soften the food?

  • MotherOfSharpei
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    Cauliflower pizza crust! You can google it or search Pinterest for a recipe.

    I also like to chop up broccoli and cauliflower, mix with cheese, and bake.
  • annacole94
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    annacole94 wrote: »

    I have to ask, I can't eat a lot of thick vegetables, like carrots, raw because they upset my TMJ. Does fermenting help soften the food?
    They end up about pickle texture - so ideally still crispy, but somewhat softer than raw. So delicious. I'm a bit hooked on the flavours of fermented pickles. I was doing apple slices for a while, too (with cinnamon, not curry!) and they were pretty yumm.

    You could more finely chop it, though! Smaller pieces would ferment faster.
  • pebble4321
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    I don't like cauliflower much either - it can smell really bad especially if it's overcooked. I especially don't like cauliflower cheese (cauliflower in white sauce with cheese on top).

    I don't mind it as a puree - either on it's own (just with a bit of butter, milk, salt and pepper) or pureed together with broccoli then mixed in with mashed potato.

    If he really doesn't like the taste after you've tried a few things though, I'd suggest cooking a few days worth and add it to your own plate and give him a break. Not everyone likes the taste of everything.
  • rosebarnalice
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    I shred it and and it to salads. Gives a nice crunch.