Weight loss

Is it really all about cico or is it more complicated


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    At its core, it's that simple. Where it can be complicated is trying to find foods that fit within your calorie goal, provide satisfaction, and, if desired, finding treats that you can enjoy in moderation. That's in addition to learning the basics of calorie counting (assuming that's the route you take) and understanding that the calorie goal and exercise calorie burns are estimates, and it can be trial and error to get the numbers right for you.

    But yes, it's that simple.
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    Mostly yes.

    More specifically... there are a few things to keep in mind:
    •you don't want too much of a deficit. You must eat less calories than you burn in a day to lose weight, but if you eat TOO FEW calories- fewer calories than your BMR- it becomes counterproductive because you will start to have negative health effects and feel bad and be compelled to binge or give up.
    •tracking macros is helpful to your physique goals and health. For example... yes you will lose weight while in a caloric deficit no matter what, but if you eat too little protein and a lot of carbs then it's likely that instead of losing mostly body fat you'll lose a lot of muscle and less body fat than you could have.
    •there are a few medications and health conditions that can make weight loss much more difficult, even when eating in a calorie deficit
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    But yes it really is just that simple...

    Calorie surplus (eating more than you burn) = weight gain
    Calorie deficit (eating less than you burn) = weight loss
    Maintenance calories (eating the same as you burn) = stay the same weight
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    Agreed. But hunger management, and changing habits, are where the real battle is.