Less cardio more Weight Training question

I am moving from heavy cardio to Weight training. How do you log the calories burned from this? for instance, yesterday included dumbbell work (Flys, Presses, Rows) 3 sets 10 reps per set. I then did some work on the machines. Overhead pull down 3 sets 10 reps. Lat pull, etc. I worked out for about 20 to 25 minutes of actual work not including moving between machines and such. I then did some core work. Plank three sets 1 minute each. Leg lifts, bicycles, and then I rowed for 1000 meters. Two 500 meter sets. It is easy tracking the calorie burn on the treadmill as I use my HRM and verify against the treadmill as it takes age and weight into account with its calculations and I select the lower of the two to be safe. changing up my routine has me a bit anxious as I will not be burning as much calories as three days heavy cardio via HIIT training as I am changing to two days of interval training. My plan is to weight lift Monday (Upper) and Friday (Lower) Cardio and core Wednesday and then a 4.2 mile run on Sunday. I am currently eating around 2000 calories a day with a 20% protein, 50% carbs and 30% and have been maintaining. Will adding in the weight lifting reduce the amount calories I burn or increase the calorie burn since I will be building muscle. Should I increase my calories, adjust macros upping protein to feed the muscles. I know that with weight lifting I will put on some weight and am scared and that I need to get comfortable with it as I definitely need to tone. Sorry so long but have a lot of concerns and want to make sure I stay on a good path and don't sabotage my work.


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    Hard to say since we don't know how much cardio you were doing or how hard or how long. If done at a training intensity, cardio tends to burn more calories per minute than lifting weights. However, if someone was doing 30 of cardio and switched to lifting weights for 60 minutes, the total workout calorie burn might similar, because of the increased workout time.

    So you are kind of back to the ol' "trial and error" method. I certainly would not increase your calories and there is probably no need to adjust your macros either (although increasing protein won't have any negative effects). You won't get any noticeable increase in BMR from "increased muscle" because a) you aren't gong to add that much and b) the increased resting calorie burn from added muscle is not that much.

    So, simple answer: keep calorie intake the same and see what happens.
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    Go into the cardio section and choose "strength training." You don't get much, though. I get about 150 calories for 45 minutes. I don't even worry about it.
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    Thanks for the information