I have been trying to sync my fitbit to track my steps and it doesn't seem linked. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


  • marissa3209
    marissa3209 Posts: 45 Member
    edited March 2017
    I'm having the same problem. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, disconnected/reconnected, and still won't sync with mfp. I hope it's associated with the known Amazon sync issue.
  • lionessNV
    lionessNV Posts: 136 Member
    Have either of you tried Fitbit or MFP support? Mine is linked fine.
  • Mine is fine also try logging out and back to see if that works
  • mshelyla
    mshelyla Posts: 36 Member
    I contacted support a week or so ago. They said it's a known issue and are working on it. It's driving me nuts that my calories aren't adjusting for exercise, etc.
  • NealNH
    NealNH Posts: 104 Member
    I tried all the uninstall and disconnect processes using both my home computer and the mobile app and mine still won't sink. MFP support says they are aware of the issue which isn't helping a whole lot. :)