Starting over

katybear82 Posts: 24 Member
I'm starting over again. I have 120 pounds to lose.


  • Bill2728
    Bill2728 Posts: 8 Member
    Me too, started again about 5 weeks ago.
  • pangy1958
    pangy1958 Posts: 151 Member
    Me too, started again on Friday
  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,640 Member
    I just started back last Monday. We can do it Katybear!
  • JeremiahGetsFit
    JeremiahGetsFit Posts: 6 Member
    Starting again tomorrow! Lost almost 50lbs and gained it all back! I'm disappointed in myself but I'm gonna really kill it because for my 21st birthday next year I want to travel!
  • Brookhenni
    Brookhenni Posts: 1 Member
    I'll be climbing this latter with you also, to the 120lbs to drop. One of my goals to get there will be to reset psychologically. Force myself to changed the way i view gym visits and when and where to work out.
  • pru29
    pru29 Posts: 11 Member
    Me too, started on Wednesday, 45lbs to lose.
  • HappyBlues
    HappyBlues Posts: 94 Member
    I've been in your shoes. I was always on a diet it seemed, starting and stopping, never really getting anywhere really. Till about a year and a half ago when I decided to finally just get serious. I have lost 97 pounds in that time and I have about 25 more to go to get to goal. Feel free to add me if you'd like!
  • debbiebondklein
    debbiebondklein Posts: 159 Member
    Me too .
  • cwagar123
    cwagar123 Posts: 195 Member
    I started again on Sunday
  • theflatpick
    theflatpick Posts: 106 Member
    I just started back again this week. Did really well two years ago, now I have to do it all over again.....
  • stormy_destiny
    stormy_destiny Posts: 15 Member
    Started again about a week ago. Right here with you guys
  • reducingrenee622
    reducingrenee622 Posts: 48 Member
    I'm in the same boat as you! I started again about 50 days ago, starting with needing to lose 120. I've lost 14 so far, so will have 106 to go! Anyone can add me, I need all the encouragement I can get!
  • embeers
    embeers Posts: 41 Member
    add me too, I'm in.....
  • imadethisforsara
    imadethisforsara Posts: 8 Member
    Also starting again, and looking to make friends with people in similar situations. :)
  • slynn906
    slynn906 Posts: 21 Member
    I lost 92 pounds and regained it. The lose and regain took about 4.5 years. I started again in January and today the doctor told me that I'm pre-diabetic.
  • PinUp2014
    PinUp2014 Posts: 79 Member
    Yep, ditto! I lost 80 pounds 5 years ago and gained it all back with added interest. I'm going to get this right this time and keep it off. Good luck to you all!
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,152 Member
    It would be interesting to have a conversation on how the weight was regained. Did you weigh yourself along the way? I know in the past..the reason i regained was i didn't get on the scale.
  • tammiedb
    tammiedb Posts: 10 Member
    I started again mid-December. I tried "everything" to stop my knee pain. Then admitted to myself that getting down to a healthy weight in a healthy manner might be the answer to my knee pain. If not it certainly should help to not carry that extra 80 pounds everywhere I go! But, instead of picking 80 as my goal, I picked 20. I've worked off 8 so far.
  • donovanwoodworking
    donovanwoodworking Posts: 25 Member
    I started again last Tuesday. So far one good week of tracking. It seems that's the first step where I go wrong.... stop tracking.