Been to the Gym 14 out of 19 days completing a mixture of Cardio, weights and Hiit training as well as eating on average 1600 kcal, sometimes I'm lower, rarely I'm higher and I have just not lost any weight, I even went on a 7.5km run yesterday and ate 1328 kcal, yet my weight went up!! How is this possible

I'm 29, Male 5ft 11" and around 195lbs office job, but my commute ensures I walk 6km a day on top of gym for 45 mins at lunch.

I just don't understand why I'm not getting anywhere, I read article, how to train right, eat wholesome foods, wholewheat pasta, potato sweet potato, now I'm looking at and analysing what I have eaten the last few weeks makes me think before my diet I must have been eating in excess of 3000Kcal and not training if not more

any advice would be appreciatiated


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    Have you been at this for only 19 days? You won't necessarily see a definite shift on the scale in 19 days. Weight fluctuates, independently of whether you are losing/gaining fat or not. More exercise than usual can make the body retain water. Have you seen any movement at all on the scale during these 19 days?

    There is no "right" way to eat. There are no foods you have to eat, or not eat. You don't have to exercise to lose weight. You lose weight by eating the right amount of calories.

    But there are more or less optimal diets. A good diet for you is one that has the appropriate amount of calories for your needs, and is easy for you to stick to.

    To be certain you are eating the amount of calories you think you are, you have to log correctly. If you aren't losing weight, you aren't eating at a calorie deficit. If your goal is to lose weight, and you aren't losing weight, you can deduct from these facts that you aren't logging correctly.

    1328 calories is not a good average intake for a male. But one day here and there of lower or higher intake makes no difference in the long run. It's the long run that counts.
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    Keep at it, sometimes the body needs a little time to keep up.

    Get sleep! Drink a lot of water! Eat properly! Work hard at the gym!

    You have this, be patient.
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    I would say it's been about 19-20 days, I was about 5lbs down, but that's now 3lbs, I kinda wanted to lose say 1-2lbs a week for a 200lb male I didn't think would be too hard providing I eat right and exercise. I use supplements too, protein powder when lifting along with BCAA's Fish Oil, L-carnitine, fat burners and creatine, so I guess water weight could be a big aspect. my water in take has definitely increased. I have to say this is the most determined ive been and the hardest ive worked, but I've worked this hard because I want quick results.
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    First, get the idea of "quick results" out of your head. It will only lead to disappointment. You have lost 3lbs. That a little over a pound a week right now. That is a good loss.

    Second, you say you eat right, but are you actually counting calories? A calorie deficit is what is important, and you can still eat in a surplus of the "right" foods.
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    Are you eating enough?
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    I've logged everything

    Just worked out that my average calorie intake over the past 20 days is 1,558.7. Exercise on top of that ever day expect from 4 rest days out of 20. So a rest day one every 5.
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    Are you weighing everything? That's a common mistake; portions listed on nutrition facts are often smaller than people realize.

    If you've been working out a lot, espically if it's more than you're used to, there's probably a lot of water weight that your body is dealing with. That will go away with time, though it always does fluctuate.

    Also, vespiquenn is right, quick results aren't going to help you. What you need to remember is that you're changing your habits, both eating and exercise. That takes time. To lose weight and keep it off is a long, slow process, and the start is really hard and can be discouraging because you're not seeing much weight loss at a time. But doing it slowly and working to change your eating habits, not just 'dieting', will make sure you can KEEP the weight off in the future.

    I know it's frustrating! Took me three years, and honestly, not quite there. But the fact that I got here by relearning eating habits means I'm much better about staying close to my goal and not just gaining it back because I'm not paying attention. Simply keep logging and keeping an eye on your calories, eat back your exercise calories so you make sure you get the nutrition you need, and the weight will come off. You don't have to worry about special diets or 'superfoods' or anything like that. You can even include treats if you want to, as long as you account for them in your day.

    You can do this. Hell, if I can, you certainly can as you're eating a lot healthier than I do! XD
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    how much are you wanting to lose - you are almost 6' and 195 is not super high especially if you have any muscle on you!