Lose 5kg quick

I started the new year, cutting calories being healthier and excersise and to this date lost 11kg. Had a small plateau because of the monthly visit I could not control myself and lots of birthdays in my family.
I want to have a baby will be trying ASAP and I want to lose more weight currently need to lose 15kg at the least, each month I don't conceive will be an extra month of weight loss so how can I get strict and lose 5kgs this month??
It may be unrealistic but I'm willing to try


  • kiranVP
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    You are not unrealistic... I'd suggest you change your lifestyle by going KETO... yes.. Keto diet will help you lose weight and bring all your health issues to normal. Low Carbohydrate is what is the solution to all your problems. Just google up Keto Diet and start... I lost 22 lbs (10 kg) in 40 days...
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    Depending on your current weight, yes, it might be unrealistic.
    I would take all responses that say "just do this diet or this supplement, it's easy" with a grain of salt.

    If you want to conceive, you need to be healthy so I suggest you enter your stats in MFP, set a reasonable calorie deficit (max 1kg a week is usually recommended, depending on your starting weight you might be smarter to choose a smaller deficit), eat a good variety of nutritious foods up to your calorie goal and do some exercise.

    This won't magically make you lose 5kg without even trying... but you know as well as I do that nothing will do that. What it almost certainly will do is help your overall health and let you lose weight steadily and smartly.
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    Try not to obsess about scale weight it's not the whole picture tape measure too is important in this
    Maybe look at the obsessing thing trying fur a baby needs to be relaxed and not stressful so learning to lose weight slowly will teach you to learn patience getting pregnant my eldest took 8!years of trying as I started to get obsessed

    Change your lifestyle long term you'll thank yourself for not crash dieting
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    Thanks for your responses everyone, I will tweak a few things I'm doing in hopes it gets the weight loss train going again.
    I think I will try and lessen carbs I did keto years ago and it was really hard nearly everything had carbs in it, so I'll just avoid loads of them and eat healthy and excersize. Wish me luck
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    And fats. Remember the fats.
    I posted a thread on the subject, and would invite you to read it. Please draw your own conclusions.
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    You shouldn't be cutting too hard if you are attempting to conceive--there are many micronutrients necessary for healthy embryo development--including B12 and folic acid, normally found in fortified breads and cereals that will probably be the first to go if you do low carb. Minimally you should probably start taking a good prenatal vitamin...
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    melto1989 wrote: »
    I think I will try and lessen carbs
    When decreasing calorie intake, you're most likely reducing carbs, and probably carbs most, by default.

    If you want to conceive, you should aim to be healthy, and you won't be healthy if you eat too little or unbalanced. Aim for a weekly loss no larger than 1% of your body weight. Eat a variety of fresh, whole foods every day. Exercise moderately. Get enough sleep and rest. Maintain good relationships.
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    I don't really understand your reason for needing to do it fast, "each month I don't conceive will be an extra month of weight loss" - can you explain that again?

    Losing slowly is far, far better, if you don't have a really urgent reason to need to lose quickly then don't do it. Slow and steady wins the race.