I want to lose 100 pound any help

Hey I weight 316 pounds and I need to lose a 100 pounds because of my health is been bad I'm fighting with diabetes and high blood pressure is been really bad days appreciate any help thank you


  • yuselRivera
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    Thank u
  • bnicholslee
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    Go vegan. Switch to a whole foods plant-based low fat diet.
  • markswife1992
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    i am trying to lose 75 so i know how frustrating it can be. i am working very slowly. i have lost 26 so far, and i hope to lose the rest by the end of the year. don't have expectations of losing it all quickly.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    Go vegan. Switch to a whole foods plant-based low fat diet.

    go away. you're wrong.
  • markswife1992
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    Go vegan. Switch to a whole foods plant-based low fat diet.

    my cousin lost ALOT of weight going vegan. it might work for some people. for me, i can't give-up meat. :smile:
  • ATraceOfBurke
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    I'm fighting diabetes as well. I've cut my carbs started eating 5 small meals watch my portion sizes and I've given up bread and red meats. I've lost ten lbs so far. Also I started walking in the afternoons when the weather is good. Good luck if you need anyone to talk to I'm here for you.

  • JMTaucher
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    If you're drinking any alcohol, sodas, other sugary drinks, substitute it with water and/or unsweetened green tea. The withdrawals will suck but you'll thank yourself later. I cut all that crap out back in December and have lost a little over 35lbs now.
  • lisaingram212
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    Baby steps. Don't make 8 million changes all at once. Start with calorie counting and once you get comfortable there add in some walking, then start adding in some moderate exercise if you want, etc. I lost 90 lbs and I think if I had changed my entire lifestyle all at once I would've gotten burnt out. It's so important when you have a lot of weight to lose that you lose the weight in a way that is sustainable long term.

    How did you loose the 90pounds?
  • trigden1991
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    There is one secret:

    A calorie deficit
  • estherdragonbat
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    I've lost 39 of a projected 124 lbs. Progress is slow, but it's workable.

    Remember: the closer your food choices are to the way you plan to eat when the weight is off, the more sustainable this is going to be and the easier it'll be to maintain. In other words, don't get into the mindset of "no more chocolate for me until I lose the weight" or "as soon as I hit goal, I'll have ice cream again." This isn't meant to be a punishment.

    I'm not talking about temporarily abstaining from foods you have a weakness for. There may be foods you have a hard time moderating right now. (Personally, I don't buy potato kugel anymore, but once a week, I have a small portion that I look forward to. I'll occasionally buy a small packet of jellybeans and savor it, but I don't get 2 lbs worth at the bulk store anymore. But I've stopped buying cheese, with the exception of string cheese, because I know that if I am alone with a half-pound, I will eat it in less than a day. Still have cheese pizza, mind you, but I only buy what I want to consume at one sitting.) That's different for everyone.