rawr!!!! frustration!! I was weak gained 40lbs

So my goal a few years ago was 200 lbs I was 240 well I guess I stopped caring or something two days ago I weighed in at 280. Today I'm at 277 time to become very serious


  • wizzybeth
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    I feel your pain. See my profile pic? I was so happy when I made that - I was halfway to my goal! I was in OnederLand! I lost 45 lbs!!!! Started at 245, and was at 199!!! WOW!!! I was SMOKING! That was around summertime, 2015.

    Then, I "took a break" - then I got caught up in "things" and then I got depressed and then things happened in my life to make me stressed and I didn't want to think about my eating habits - I wanted comfort food and wine.

    And then, I stepped on the scale again because I knew I had to. I was secretly hoping that I had only picked up 20 lbs in that 18 months I was "astray." No, no, no.... 240!!! I brought back 40 of the pounds I kicked to the curb a year and a half ago! :(

    But I'm back on track - down to 230 now - and am determined this WILL be the last time I pull this BS on myself.

    You can do it!! You can!!! :)
  • Ayesha4417
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    I'm in the same boat. Until last summer, I had maintained my weight (still needed to lose more, but I was much lighter than I had previously been). Then beginning in December, the stresses piled up. I don't believe I changed my eating habits (I don't log food), because my "normal" food issue is that I don't eat enough, causing my body to go into starvation mode.

    From December to March, I gained about 40 lbs also. So it's time to lose it again. We can do this!!
  • JesseWilson1
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    Same, my highest weight was 400 a few years back. I dropped to 309 with lots of exercise and eating healthy, I was feeling great, getting lots of compliments, and then I got comfortable, so over the last year - up to 345 we go! I realized I needed something different and discovered flexible dieting. So far I'm down to 332 in almost 4 weeks. I don't feel like I'm dieting and I am super pumped to be back on track! You can do it!! Just keep your eye on the prize!!!
  • Geocitiesuser
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    Weight loss is sort of like smoking, in the sense that, a lot of people quit (lose weight) have trouble maintaining, but the people who quit (lose weight) repeatedly have a higher overall chance of sticking it out permanently. Just keep doing you.
  • ericatoday
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    I did this a few years ago I was around 170 got to 150 then a couple months later bam I was 178. I started to get serious and stick to it. Its well worth it. I'm at 131 and got 6lbs until I hit my goal. You got this
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    Same journey as you. Getting back into the groove and I find the experiences and successes shared in these communities so helpful. Thanks for sharing and you you have got this!
  • roxywho42
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    I feel this pain. I went from 245 to 152. Then a few years, adopting a kid, getting a divorce, and moving halfway across the country later I was at 212. Down to 185 now and still going.