Where did the weight come off of you first?



  • cbillings78
    cbillings78 Posts: 14 Member
    Arms and shoulders.Shirts fit loser up top but not much difference anywhere else.50 pounds lost and still in same clothes
  • rahlpn
    rahlpn Posts: 551 Member
    Face. My legs just feel harder but not any smaller. My hips and butt are always the last to join the party.
  • fostersu
    fostersu Posts: 327 Member
    Face first- then thy, then slowly every where else. Feel like upper arm is the last to go and I don't gain or loose anything in my bust. 220 -140 and back to 180 and same (tiny) cup!
  • Zendrick
    Zendrick Posts: 83 Member
    Boobs, then slightly in love handles , and my back is making awesome progress
  • deviousme7
    deviousme7 Posts: 61 Member
    Face, waist, butt then arms, hopefully stomach next
  • Blubberbuster1
    Blubberbuster1 Posts: 265 Member
    Face, Neck, Shoulders, Waist, Gut
  • cbl40
    cbl40 Posts: 281 Member
    stomach! woot woot!
  • bizgirl26
    bizgirl26 Posts: 1,808 Member
    From waist to hip
  • marianlyn
    marianlyn Posts: 144 Member
    Honestly, I don't see it anywhere! Still see wobbly belly, jelly thighs, saggy boobs! I have lost 18 lbs since early Jan and had to buy smaller size pants but it must be coming off incrementally all over! Also no one has noticed. Sigh....

    I feel ya. I have lost 12 lbs since January and my pants are looser, but I still have a hard time seeing where anything is getting smaller. I decided to take my measurements once a month to help me see where it's coming off. Good luck and keep at it!
  • brittyn3
    brittyn3 Posts: 481 Member
    equally - face, fingers, wrists, boobs. At least my hands are cute and bony again. ha.
  • My butt...I always look like I have a saggy butt in jeans because as soon as a new size fits me in the waist, they are already too loose in the butt.
  • BeautyNovice
    BeautyNovice Posts: 44 Member
    I notice my face and my back fat (from pictures). My boyfriend can see it in my butt and legs. :-) Scale not moving much so I'm really relying on comparison pics and will start taking measurements this weekend.
  • Goddess3814
    Goddess3814 Posts: 15 Member
    Boobs..... Like I was starting to get scared. Thry almost disappeared.
  • SierraFatToSkinny
    SierraFatToSkinny Posts: 463 Member
    I'm just beginning my journey, but I initially lost a lot of inches around my waist.

    But now... I can tell my breasts are starting to deflate. :(
  • imgr8stmom
    imgr8stmom Posts: 30 Member
    Face, neck, love handles.... in that order!
  • vtemp2013
    vtemp2013 Posts: 33 Member
    My wrists and feet
  • HaleCry
    HaleCry Posts: 385 Member
    Wrists! That's where I noticed it first anyway.
  • Keapix
    Keapix Posts: 92 Member
    My face, I think, but other than that it seems pretty even.
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