I made it to "Onederland". 315 to 199 since may. 20-25 to go to goal

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I am ridiculously proud of myself this morning. I peaked at 335 a couple of years ago, lost 80, put it mostly back on, started again, and now I'm finally close to my old college weight. I'm developing a little bit of loose skin issues but honestly it is way better looking than fat.

Pretty stoked. I'm not there yet. My BMI is still bad (27) but I will very soon be at a health weight, size, and shape. I've been giving myself a target date of august to hit 175lbs, but I'm thinking I will hit it much sooner!

The food tracking and weight tracking on this website are the cornerstone of everything for me. It keeps me on track and on point.


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    Great Job. Go you!
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    Woohoo! Great job! Very encouraging to see someone who had lost weight, slipped back a bit, and then came back to succeed. :)
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    Great job!!!
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    eblyth00 wrote: »
    Awesome very inspiring. Almost exactly my goals. My heaviest was 320 that I weighed myself. I lost 60 pounds got off track and gained back up to 300. So I just started again a little over a month ago. It's great seeing someone with such similar numbers and story have such great success.

    Isn't it crazy how quick and easy it comes back if you're not paying attention? All it takes is a few months of "old bad habits" and presto chango, back at square 1. I've read that losing weight long term is a lot like smoking, even though a lot of people relapse your chances of long term success improve with every attempt. I quit smoking both times too :) lol.
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    Good for you! Way to go!
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    Wow, that is an accomplishment to be proud of, congrats!
  • brdnw
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    The bulk of my weightloss was very linear as well, good work staying so consistent for such a long period of time
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    That is Amazing!
  • virgoconga
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    Your journey is amazing!!!
    Stay the course and be thankful for such great focus and determination
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    Wow, you dropped 115 in less than a year. I like how your trend remained fairly stable,
    gives me hope for my goal of -100 in a year.

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    It's amazing what a difference getting your head in the game can make, isn't it! Sometimes I still want to kick myself for letting it take me so long, but past is past and moving forward is what matters most! Congratulations on your continued success!
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    Way to go!
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    You are an inspiration... well done
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    116 in less than a year! FANTASTIC!
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    Wow thank you to everyone that have all said nice things. <3 This has been a very solitary journey for me and I do not get much support beyond myself, so it is really nice to get the virtual pat on the back from all of you.

    I'm definitely not done yet. I was a little hesistant about posting this originally because I don't want to "pre-celebrate", my BMI is still overweight and there is still a muffin top to incinerate around my belt line.

    What "onederland" does represent to me though is tangible progress and the new long term goal of never (EVER!) letting my weight begin with a two ever again. It's a sort of a milestone in the journey for me that I'm on the last leg of the race, and that if I keep pushing, I will get to my fitness goals.

    @theo166 100 in a year is definitely possible. I think I lost a little bit too fast because I'm a little over zealous, but I think 10lbs a month average is really reasonable.

    It's definitely all about consistency. The few times I went off my "wagon" you can see the small bumps in the graph. If I didn't get back on my "wagon" those bumps could have been a whole lot worse and set me back weeks or even months, or like in the past, put me back to square one.

    So, thanks again for all the comments. I'm sure I'll be posting again once I get into healthy BMI range. And one day, hopefully, before and after photos.
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    GREAT JOB!!!!
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    wow amazing job :smiley:
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    Good for you!!! You rock!! Such an amazing accomplishment :D
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