what to do when you're sick

Hi guys, just wondering what you do when you're sick? Do you keep counting as usual and allow yourself the same number of calories?


  • cmtigger
    cmtigger Posts: 1,450 Member
    It depends on the kind of sick, but often I just eat at maintanance until I'm feeling mostly better. No need to add more stress to my body.
  • prattiger65
    prattiger65 Posts: 1,657 Member
    When I'm sick, I focus on getting well, whatever that means.
  • inertiastrength
    inertiastrength Posts: 2,344 Member
    I rest and eat at maintenance if I feel up to it. If I'm so sick I can't eat more than 900 calories I don't feel bad about it either
  • treegirl97
    treegirl97 Posts: 70 Member
    I eat what I can tolerate and that's about it. Yesterday I had a bit of a stomach bug and had no appetite. I only ate about 950 calories and that much was a struggle. I will add an extra 500 or 600 calories over my normal allocation over the next couple of days to make up for it.
  • futureicon
    futureicon Posts: 348 Member
    I usually lay around, b!tch and moan a lot. Throw up, sob like a baby, etc.. But yeah, I stick with my calorie goals.
  • Tacklewasher
    Tacklewasher Posts: 7,122 Member
    Yeah. Depends on the kind of sick. My last bout I was ravenous. Tried to keep it at ~ maintenance but stopped trying to lose until I felt better. But other types of sick I can't eat.

    If you're hungry, move to maintenance. Still log everything as that doesn't take much effort, but don't fuss with what the numbers are and focus on getting better.
  • TimothyFish
    TimothyFish Posts: 4,925 Member
    Our immune system is designed in such a way that when we are sick we tend to crave those things that will help use fight the illness and avoid those things that feed the virus. You shouldn't go overboard, but you are probably better off paying attention to your cravings when you are sick.