Confused about calories

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Hi. I'm new to tracking calories. And I'm confused! Country heat suggests a 1200-1400 calorie intake/day. Say....I burn 1500 calories exercising. Do I earn more calories? Does that make sense? Or do I stick with my average everyday? Any calorie help/suggestions/ideas greatly appreciated


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    First of all, to burn 1500 in exercise, that would be a lot of exercise. Most moderate exercise is a few hundred per hour, depending on your size.

    Second, this site uses "Exercise earns calories" - because that's the short way to answer.

    Set your goal. Log your food and exercise, eat until Remaining = 0 on your food.

    So my basic daily goal is 1500 every day. If I then exercise for an hour, I "earn" 300 more calories, so I would eat 1800 on that day. The site does the math.
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    Wonderful! Thanks for clearing that up. Fitbit had me confused
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    If Fitbit is adding back that many calories, consider whether your activity level in MFP is correct. If you have it set at sedentary, and you aren't sedentary, it will add back too many calories.