Recommend me a good protein bar type snack



  • CatLou76
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    I like the Combat Crunch bars. They're one of the only ones that don't make me feel like I have a rock in my gut. They make a freakin' mess though...super crumbly. I ate one at my desk a few weeks ago and it was everywhere.
  • 3rdof7sisters
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    I love the white chocolate raspberry Quest bars. Wal Mart carries a few flavors of Quest bars now, and they are a bit cheaper there.
  • PixelPuff
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    If mostly just for snacking/filling purposes, I would say maybe have half a bar plus some fruit to help.. Or almonds + fruit (weighed, of course).
  • middlehaitch
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    Can't stand the flavour and texture of quest bars or the Costco rip-off version.

    I do like Smart for Life bars from Costco $1.55 Can a bar (box of 18) 20g protein, 190cals, gf (I think). The closest description I can give is that they are like a rice crispy bar covered in chocolate

    Builders mint bars are good too.

    Cheers, h.
  • VeganSarah0323
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    I do the no cow protein bars by D's Naturals. Their vegan and have the best macros. I know it's locally made in my town, but I'm sure most GNCs have them! When I wasn't vegan, I did the quest bars. Hope that helps:)
  • sgt1372
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    Pure Protein bars (lots of different flavors) is my favorite. It's available at Costco and Target and many other locations. Cheaper and better tasting IMO than Quest with a good macro balance.
  • Theo166
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    I stock up on Premier Protein bars and shakes from Costco, both have 30g of protein. The bars are 290 calories and the shakes are 160 calories.
  • TheCupcakeCounter
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    RX bars (210 cal, 12g protein all from nuts and egg whites) - I highly recommend the Chocolate Mint and the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • shor0814
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    The new(ish) Quest cereal bars are completely different from the regular Quest bars. The waffle bar tastes like a waffle soaked in butter and syrup. Cinnamon roll is good as well, almost like a Cinnabon but not quite that sweet. The chocolate bar is an Oreo cookie type taste.

    Venture bars are another beast entirely. They have a stiffer texture and kind of chewy. They make you feel like you just ate something substantial but don't sit in your gut feeling heavy.

  • Wolfger
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    I love the Kirkland Signature protein bars from Costco.
  • punkrockgoth
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    I love Kind bars. The peanut butter dark chocolate is my favorite, but I don't think I've had a flavour that I don't like. I fond them to be much more satisfying and less cakey than most other bars. At around 200 calories each, they make a great snack when I'm on the run or have forgotten to pack my snack.
  • LovesDogsAndBooks
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    I have just discovered Sahale bars (not sure they qualify as protein bars) but I just love the tangerine cashew ones!
  • mcraw75
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    Theo166 wrote: »
    I stock up on Premier Protein bars and shakes from Costco, both have 30g of protein. The bars are 290 calories and the shakes are 160 calories.

    This. The Premier Protein fiber bars are good too.
  • officials
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    I love questies! Especially microwaved or baked.
  • omakase619
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    I appreciate all the suggestions. Going to Costco tomorrow to see what they have.
  • wwworks
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    I like Orgain chocolate chip cookie dough organic protein bars.
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    I don't like any of them! I'd rather make protein muffins or protein bread. The protein chef website ( has lots of recipes, including something as simple as microwave protein cookies. I'd even rather have one of those than a Quest bar.
  • deannalfisher
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    I found these protein cake bites that I like -
  • madisonamanda
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    Power Crunch bars are everything. I can't get enough.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    I can't find anything better than quest bars.