Fresh start! New beginning but no friends :(

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Hey guys. My names claire. Nice to meet you all. So my story is that I lost all the weight and then went on some life changing experiences and wasn't very careful with my weight. So I decided fresh start and fresh account. No looking at past weight that makes me unhappy. Unfortunately, that means I've lost all the inspirational people that kept me going. I didn't know personally all of my friends but everyone was so supportive and motivating. Seeing everyone progress made me progress. So I'm here looking for inspirational friends so we can all reach our goals together


  • fit_fab01
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    Hi. I am looking for friends too. We can motivate each other! Please add me.
  • Jay606
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    Hi you can add me if you want.
  • kansaseds
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    You can add me if you want
  • ballew814
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    U guys can add me if u like
  • SnowChick17
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    Add me if you like! I need cheerleaders through this journey too!
  • Joe_Cool_Part_Deux
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    Add me if you like. I just got back and need more friends !
  • Polda2010
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    Same here, add me if you like. Having support and friends with a goal is very helpful, welcome back :)
  • fancyfaxon
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    Hi Claire! I've done the dame thing, new account for a fresh start! Just looking for people to hold me accountable! Feel free to add me!
  • idubon18
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    Add me!! 29 yrs old looking to loose 100 lbs in hopefully a years time. Need all the support!
  • kaizaku
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    Feel free to send request ☺
  • ms_smartypants
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    Anyone is more than welcome to add me ....Wishing you all much success :)
  • ThePurpleViking
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    Hey feel free to add me, UK based daily logger