4 months of progress slowly chipping away at "Skinnyfat"

I still have a good way to go, but my small deficit and regular lifting are starting to show little shadows of progress and that makes me happy! g2bchzrdbnye.jpeg


  • jmp463
    jmp463 Posts: 266 Member
    Well you look great in all the pictures.
  • ercarroll311
    ercarroll311 Posts: 295 Member
    Great work! This was the hardest part for me because it took such dedication and patience, and the scale wasn't a reflection of progress like it had been when I lost the weight.
  • wateryphoenix
    wateryphoenix Posts: 644 Member
    Nice! It's always great to actually SEE the changes!
  • viciouslitany
    viciouslitany Posts: 187 Member
    the cut of your collarbone and hips are definitely something to be proud of, too. awesome!