Mission accomplished, slowly but surely: 185 to 138.5 over a year and a half

mlinci Posts: 403 Member
Hi everyone,
I did it - ive reached my goal weight!

A year and a half ago, just after I turned 40, I decided I had to do something about my weight. It reached 84kg (185 lbs) on my 5'5 frame, I was officially obese with a BMI over 30. I felt like a balloon that was about to pop, my breasts were ridiculously big and I thought I was still a hourglass figure, but my waist had pretty much disappeared. My clothes were all getting too small.

Starting measures:
84kg (185 lbs)
Chest about 41
Waist about 38
Hips about 42
Clothes - UK size 16 at least

I re-joined MFP and decided that this time I was going to take a different approach to dieting. In the past, I had lost weight successfully on diets like Atkins or South Beach, but unsurprisingly, I hadn't really thought about maintenance, and I'd regain weight immediately after going off diet.

This time I decided to eat everything in moderation. I also decided to go slowly, as I am totally unable to eat under 1,500 calories a day and knew I wouldn't last a day, let alone a year, on such a drastic low calorie diet. So I've been consistently eating about 1,600 - 1,700 calories a day for the first half year, and then about 1,700-1,800 a day since, losing about a pound a week for the first couple of months and about half a pound per week since. I've also increased my physical activity, to over 10,000 steps a day, and I've been very consistent about it.

And it all worked. I'm now 138.5 lbs (just under 63 kg) and happy to stay there. I've gained lots of good eating habits. I've gained good logging habits. I've entered my food in MFP literally every day since I started, logging everything, never hiding any food from the diary. I've become as good as I can at guessing calories when I eat out, and I eat out often - I have lunch at the staff restaurant every day, and I often go out to eat.

I like chocolate, so I work it into my calories - I probably have 20-40g of chocolate every day. I never say no to treats that are worth it, like home made cakes. I learned to say no to treats that are just meh - for example I can skip most donuts and biscuits or just have a tiny amount. I learned to enjoy special meals, and will not under any circumstances call them cheat meals - I hate that phrase. I haven't cut out any foods or food groups.

Current stats:
Weight 62.8kg (138.5 lbs), BMI under 23
Chest 38
Waist 27.5
Hips 38
Bra size about 34E/32F uk size
Clothes - mostly UK size 10

Here are some photos of before and after:qnanpclfzh1d.jpg


  • cizzawizza
    cizzawizza Posts: 69 Member
    You look great, well done.
    TARGET65K Posts: 150 Member
    your pace is like mine slow but sure.
  • naomillion
    naomillion Posts: 351 Member
    This is very inspiring! Congrats on reaching your goal slowly and steadily, you look wonderful! All the best for maintenance!
  • thesnackmonster
    thesnackmonster Posts: 78 Member
    Well done, you are inspiring me to keep going, your starting stats are very similar to mine!
  • tennetubbie
    tennetubbie Posts: 312 Member
    I see no jewelry before-- and a bit of bling now--I started to wear bling bling too when I got past 50 pounds lost--now 64 pounds and love bling!
  • ggeise14
    ggeise14 Posts: 386 Member
    Congrats on your success and hard work!
  • minkatinka2017
    minkatinka2017 Posts: 21 Member
    fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing, I am starting off with a similar weight (81kg) and age, I have lost my first 5kg... would love to reach 65. To see you suceeding is sooooo inspirational... you can be so proud!
  • kmg3614
    kmg3614 Posts: 83 Member
    Great approach! Good job!
  • ShrinkingViolet1982
    ShrinkingViolet1982 Posts: 919 Member
    LOVE that dress. I can't wait until I weigh less and it's worth investing in some lovely officey dresses. I miss looking feminine. GREAT work :D
  • BeachGurl815
    BeachGurl815 Posts: 295 Member
    Wow! inspiring! I have similar stats too :) but I am just getting started ....again.

    Beautiful dress!
  • WillLift4Tats
    WillLift4Tats Posts: 1,699 Member
    Great work! Your stats are very similar to mine. Thanks for the inspiration :)
  • bobbimrn
    bobbimrn Posts: 74 Member
    Awesome job!!
  • peterbuller8
    peterbuller8 Posts: 155 Member
    way to go you look great
  • bnovak226
    bnovak226 Posts: 135 Member
    Awesome job!! You look fantastic!!
  • kenzienal
    kenzienal Posts: 205 Member
    This is GREAT! Good job! I wish I could get my 10k steps in a day, I love to walk, but being a receptionist makes that hard.
  • bobbimrn
    bobbimrn Posts: 74 Member
    So inspiring! You look like a different person! It seems slow & steady is the way to go. Congrats!
  • catgerm
    catgerm Posts: 44 Member
    Great job! So inspiring!

    Question: why did you up calories halfway through? Was this due to working out more?
  • lavender51
    lavender51 Posts: 41 Member
    Congratulations! So inspirational :)
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