At what point did you decided you needed to change?



  • TimothyFish
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    I knew I was overweight, but I didn't think it was as much as it was. I finally stepped on the scale one day thinking I weighed about 250. It said 268. And that was after a few weeks of measuring my waist and seeing it reduce by a few inches. 270 is what I weighed the first time I lost weight and seeing 268 told me that I had gained it all back. I had no desire to see 270 again, so I decided to quit messing around and to do what I knew I needed to do to get back to a good weight.
  • Brittspady
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    These are amazing stories and everyone has such unique stories...I loved reading them. Keep pushing on everyone!
  • lessfoodmoreexercise
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    When my mother's wedding photos came back I decided to lose weight. There was a photo of my Mum, sister, aunt, maid of honour, cousin, and grandma, all looking beautiful at a uk size 6-8. And then me, in a very unflattering size 16 dress. I'd never felt so ugly and embarrassed. Now 4 years later I'm 50lbs lighter with another 30 to go
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    I was always thin as a child and teenager, but as an adult my weight has yo-yoed. When I stepped on the scale on NYE an realized I weighed the same as I did the day I gave birth to my oldest son, I knew I had to start losing some of the extra weight. This time I am trying to incorporate so strength training, hoping that if I am thin and fit I can break the yo-yo cycled for good!
  • missmagnoliablossom
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    The short answer is: that morning I tried on all my jeans and found them all too tight to be presentable. And then I stood there in a pile of denim, tears streaming down my face, and revolved to never feel that way again.
  • Brittspady
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    The short answer is: that morning I tried on all my jeans and found them all too tight to be presentable. And then I stood there in a pile of denim, tears streaming down my face, and revolved to never feel that way again.

    That was me as well aha, but not going to feel like that again!
  • victoria_1024
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    Every time I saw a picture of myself I was horrified and would try to lose weight. It just never stuck, I couldn't stay motivated long enough to keep it up. I made many attempts over a decade of obesity.

    It wasn't until I started having weird heart palpitations that were becoming more and more frequent that I got serious. I started to worry that this could be because of obesity and I got scared. I was in my early 30s and started to think I need to be healthy for my kids.

    I joined MFP, lost 90 lbs and I've been maintaining for a year now. :)
  • Zendrick
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    1. new drivers license picture
    2. I couldn't sit down or breath in old jeans
    3. had to buy 2 sizes bigger at store
  • mysashabear
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    I knew I had gained weight, but was not aware how much until I looked at pictures of myself....I was shocked how I looked. Over the last couple of years, I have gained back the 35 lbs that took so much discipline to lose. Time to start exercising and tracking my intake again. It's been 19 days so far....I can do this!
  • cissiheartvanilla
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    When none of my "older" clothes fit me anymore and I almost fainted when stepping on the scale and seeing the results (me being 22pounds heavier than I thought) :o:o
  • BrookeRunningMom
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    Seein photos of myself, and getting to the point of almost having back rolls. I also just got my license in Oct and was so worried id stop walking everywhere and how much bigger i could get. Scared me !
  • zyxst
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    When I realized I would be wearing the same pair of khaki jeans for the next 40 years. Now that I've lost weight, every store I shop in carries plus sizes going to 6x! More than one! In different styles! I rage so hard over that.
  • mazdauk
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    I noticed that it was really difficult to put on my trainers - as difficult as being heavily pregnant. Then I was getting ready for the work Christmas party and I couldn't wear what I'd planned - I had to wear the only things which fit and I hadn't already worn to work. And that top was one of only 3 things I'd kept from an online order because everything else was too tight - I really couldn't blame "skimpy modern cutting" any more!
  • SweatsOnSunday
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    When my suits didn't fit. Looked horrible, and felt worse. Just started a new plan with the goal of wearing my clothes well by July 4.
  • amc2509
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    When I realised that my asthma was getting worse and worse... after 3 years of very little exercise I had just become so unfit! Studying, working full time and being a mother of 3 had been my excuses for not making time for me.... In February I had an illness and a few weeks out of work. One day I decided to go for a walk in the park when the kids were at school and found that I couldn't walk up the hill without stopping to breathe! That was so scary! Last Sunday I ran up that hill, twice! Week 6 of C25K and I was able to do 2 loops of the park... Long way to go still, but that day in February was definitely my turning point!
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    I have always been active but I did slide a little when I went back to school. I worked 40+ hours a week, and night school and constant homework on the weekends. The month I graduated my fiancé was participating in an iron distance triathlon. He dropped a tremendous amount of weight for this event. Just to be curious I asked how much he weighed and turns out his weight was within 3 pounds of my weight :'( Now he is 6' and I am 5'5"....oh boy. Now I weigh less than him but he still gets unbelievably skinny for these events.
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    marianlyn wrote: »
    I've always been overweight and felt at odds with my body. I lost some weight for my wedding and got down to around 160 in 2011. I slowly gained some back, got pregnant and kept 10 pounds, gained some with the stress of my job, and got pregnant again. I gained 40 pounds and topped out at 225 with my second pregnancy.
    My son was stillborn December 12, 2016 at 39 weeks. The doctors couldn't tell us what happened or why, and I have been reassured by every medical professional that I didn't do or not do something to cause this. But I still feel like my body failed me in a whole new way. I came home from the hospital at 215 pounds. At some point, I decided that while I couldn't control much of anything in my world, I could control what I ate and through that, my weight and health. I needed to do something good. I needed to do something that hinted at hope for a better day before I could even imagine a good day.
    Today I'm down to 193. Life is still day-by-day. My health is still a positive project that gives me purpose.
    My ultimate goal is to feel healthy and strong enough to try again to grow our family. If we are so blessed, a subsequent pregnancy will be the second most difficult thing I've ever done, and I will need every ounce of energy and good health on my side to make it through. I have really appreciated the camaraderie of MFP. If you haven't discovered the NSV discussion group, follow it for daily inspiration!

    @marianlyn My heart goes out to you on the loss of your son.
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    When I thought the item I was eating at the time was low in calories and healthy but when I looked it up I was in shock and awe to see how many calories and how much fat and sodium I was consuming in just one meal! The realization that I thought I "knew" but was clueless... I guess one could say that ignorance really is bliss! At the same moment when I learned some truth about what I was eating I could suddenly feel the sides of my a** rubbing the arm rails on my chair... I changed everything that very day and never looked back! That was 5 years ago. Still going strong! :)
  • BoxerBrawler
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    These are all really great stories! Very inspirational!!