This guy needs some friends, motivation, sarcasm, happiness, and good music!

What's crackin', MFP? New guy, been here off and on over the last 5 years, but my scale has officially said "you're too big, get off!" Well, maybe not that bad, but it has stopped weighing me. Poor guy....all the weight on his shoulders......too early for a bad joke? I digress. I want to lose 230 pounds. Yep. Another person. Here's how I'm going to do it: Good music, great company on here, and a lot of learning and note taking. I am all for some recommendations, but I have seen my fair share of people chiseled to their teeth trying to get me on 60 different types of pills, protein powders, and lifting weights. Hold on there, cowboy. My plan, start slow. Just by portioning. My first few weeks of diaries probably won't be the healthiest. Disclaimer! I have a gym where I work, and will be easing myself into some workouts. You can't just throw a 414 pounds slab of person into the fray. I want to do it right to save what little is left of my knees. Lots more info in my profile, but if this sounds like a ride you wanna be on, add me! I will be fun, supportive, and anything else you need me to be back in YOUR fitness journey. Until next time!

P.S. I have Spotify, so if there are any music lovers, shoot me some recommendations! I will listen to just about anything, but my main loyalties lie with rock n roll and electronic.


  • Mary_Anastasia
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    Hey there! My goal is 100, I've lost 40 so far with calorie counting alone :) but hit a standstill and haven't lost since January! :( trying to get into working out. sending you a Friend req!
  • southrngrlntn
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    You had me at rock n roll
  • eIIekay
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    You seem to have such a great attitude...that can go a long way. you can do this! you will be amazed at how good you feel.