I have not officially been diagnosed with Pcos . I will find out more on april 18th but I am taking medication called spironolactone. I was also told I was pre diabetic. Instructed by doctors to be on low carb low sugar 30 min aerobic exercise eberyday. I was doing good since Sept. 2016 up until dec 4th 2016 and lost 30 lbs but not the last 3 months have fallen back in bad habits and gained 6 lbs back. Want to know some tips of sticking to diet and what may i expect, testing wise, to determine i have pcos?


  • Snow__White
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    PCOS was diagnosed by ultrasound for me
    I had a choice between metformin and birth control for treatment
    I chose metformin and lost like 30 lbs in a month because of the side effects
    Anyways as I lost weight the symptoms of PCOS started get much better,cycles were more regular and on time,even had a surprise baby!
    Good luck!
  • via26
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    Thank you !! I'm going today to see a specialist. I just want to know for sure and what my next steps are. It's been years of struggling with symptoms. I appreciate you letting me know about the ultrasound.
  • cathipa
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    I have it as well and have found maintaining a low carb (meaning 150g or less) works for me. Everyone is different. I also found weight training has helped as well. Best of luck!