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Has anyone ever tried it and what do you think of you have?


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    It's a, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) scam! Just consume less of, what you already do to; lose weight or more to, gain weight instead! There's no, magic pill, shake, etc.!
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    It's expensive, tastes bad, and has low quality ingredients. The "friends" who try to sell it to you make money off of you buying it and make even more money if you start selling it too. There are lots of less expensive protein shakes out there that taste better and are better quality ingredients.
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    I use Isagenix and I love it. I feel really great on the shakes and have lost 35lbs since mid January. It is a commitment to make the change, but for me the results make it easy. I do not sell them, I just buy them.
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    Is it better that keto?
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    Isagenix could fit on this chart as well.

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    I have been using Isagenix since February 1 and I love it. I have done Shakeology and other protein shakes in the past. Everyone is different. You have to find what works for you!

    Of course someone whom, sells it's going to; recommend it!

    What you should never have to do, to get/keep a job:

    1 Pay your employer an "employee" (membership) fee.
    2 Purchase your employers products either as inventory, to meet a sales quota and/or "for your own personal use" (unless you want to use them).
    3 Seek strangers in stores, online etc. & start/respond to a conversation with them, for the sole purpose of recruiting them.
    MLM: Hi you look familiar, did you go to UCLA?
    Victim: No, sorry.
    MLM: Well anyway (notices victim looking at supplements) I sell a superior line of supplements, then these stores have via Isagenix, etc.
    4 Use your personal life (Facebook, Family, etc.) to gain customers.
    5 Your time spent doesn't amount to, at least minimum wage in compensation, "after expenses" (using your vehicle, to deliver products, etc.)