MFP users, want or need new friends and motivators with the same goals?? Keep reading!

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Hey everyone,

Drop me a friend request and post on here if you want some new friends. Write your goals down below as well as a few other things if you want and see who has similar goals. I saw another post like this but it was old, looking for people who are still logging in daily and who are serious about staying accountable!

I am 26 and trying to lose 40 pounds. I am 5'4 and 185 pounds.



  • Shapingupforlife
    Shapingupforlife Posts: 30 Member
    Will do!
  • Shapingupforlife
    Shapingupforlife Posts: 30 Member
    Come on everyone!! I see 14 people has seen this but no-one has commented! :p
  • greenzgal
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    Hey, I'm with you. I'm getting married in 4 months and desperately want to loose weight in certain areas of my body. Add me and we can motivate each other. I log in everyday with my results :)
  • hannahwho82
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    Friends please. 56lbs to lose. I'm defo in for the long haul :)
  • ChaiRai
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    I'm 5'2 and 138lbs and trying to lose 20lbs by October. tried to add some of you but it kept saying invite friends :/
  • rbOthree
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    Not quite sure how to add, but looking for friends to keep me in check when I slip!
  • Randalicious91
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    I'm actually looking to gain muscle. Its so hard. But if anyone wants help with losing weight I have solid advise :)
  • Shapingupforlife
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    Hey, so you click on the persons username... then again on the username... you will then see add as friend.
  • thecraftycow83
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    Hi I'm new here and looking for some friends to share the journey with.
    I have a goal of 100lbs to lose. A big task, but I really need to get this done.
    I am getting married in 2019 and I refuse to be a fat bride.
  • Shapingupforlife
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    @thecraftycow83 that is wonderful and congrats! You got this!!!
  • thecraftycow83
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    thank you! ive added you btw :)
  • leonel309
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    hi, 27 years. i am trying to achieve at least 190lb this year. but my nearest goal is to achieve at least 230lb to a cycling race on june. i am 175cm height.

    i was on a hard diet 2 years ago. i am coming from 305lb, i achieve 232lb as my lowest weight and them i quit for a while. now i am 256lb. it's hard to keep on track :neutral:

    it would be nice to have some friends to help me on this challenge!!
  • Max0727
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    Hello ☺ I'm Max, 36 years old at a sad 224 lbs lol my goal is to be at or a lil below 200. I'm 5' 8" and really want to change my life around to a healthier lifestyle.
  • mwalle09
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    Feel free to add! I need to lose about 100
  • jcleshin
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    @Shapingupforlife, I added you! And sent you a message. I typically log every day, or at least every other day, but with some extra accountability, I hope to make it an actual everyday habit.
  • Shapingupforlife
    Shapingupforlife Posts: 30 Member
    Hey everyone!! Hope everyone is adding each other and chatting... let's motivate each other!!! :) if i dont add you please feel free to add me!
  • SoftkittyFatkitty
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    Hey everyone Im always here for a chat. Fat @46 and need to lose 45lbs - happy to give or receive any inspiration along the way :)
  • fitnessfreak545
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    i'm looking for some motivational friends. i'll gladly motivate you now matter if it's 10 or 100 pounds you're trying to lose. ☺️
  • OnthatStuff
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    @Shapingupforlife, @SoftkittyFatkitty, @Max0727, @leonel309 ... looks like my goals and/or activities are inline with your. It's fun to pretend with myself that I hit every mark w/ MFP. :smile: However, knowing that numbers don't lie and that others can see those numbers, I'm encouraged to put down the pastries and go after better options. I'm adding all of yous!