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Is wine really that bad for you? I love having a glass or two with dinner :(


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    Ummm yes and no.
    A glass of wine is not going to make one fat. But also takes away from calories you can eat with more nutrition values. Two glasses of wine are 300 calories ( some wines), that's a lot of calories to add to you dinner. So depending on what your goals are. If I am working on getting super lean, I eliminate wine and alcohol. For overall fitness and maintenance, I don't. But I also only have it on the weekend. I couldn't maintain with an extra 300 calories every night.
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    Not in moderation.
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    Depends on the size of the box.
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    I think that if you include those glasses in your calorie count and are getting enough necessary nutrients in your food, a glass or 2 of wine are good for your heart in 2 ways. 1) Increased HDL cholesterol. 2) You don't feel that you have given up all of life's pleasures in order to be more healthy. For me, feeling deprived is the shortest route to backsliding into bad habits.
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    I'm an "everything in moderation" person, but many (including my doctor and my parents' cardiologist) would argue that a glass or two of wine is a good thing. If you're on here, you probably get the calorie thing. If you can make it work and are paying attention to getting protein/good fats/fiber/etc elsewhere, I'd say go for it!
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    Didn't realized I'd basically re-said what @KLParmley had right above me, but maybe that will illustrate the truth in it. I absolutely fall off the wagon when I feel deprived, and feel guilty if I indulge without making it fit into my daily plan.