Down 63 lbs. Still a work in Progress

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She promised herself better and never looked back!

Wow! What a bold statement. What a great reference to what we should be doing daily! One of my least favorite things to do is to look back from where I came, but it is truly amazing! It's hard to look at myself in pictures when I was over 220 lbs. IT was MISERABLE to live in that body. I'm 63 lbs lighter now and on the road to victory.

Last week I thought I had shared something...and it glitched out. (Blaming the operator here) but it was very inspiring to me. "Fat last longer than flavor." Very simple concept in all reality. I will determine whether or not I want the Fat left on me, or the flavor of whatever I am craving. One is instant gratification, and the other is a goal to achieve. So I set out to defeat the fat. I now have a checklist. On the top it says "Fat dies when you don't feed it." Under that is the numbers. 1-20, (because my goal is 20 lbs) Pals.. I've got down to 3-20, not a big change, but the first 2 are crossed out with a great big RED X in permanent marker. What a satisfying way to visually look towards my goal. EVERY DAY!

My first challenge was a pair of pants at my house. I have no idea where the heck these pants came from, but they are super cute. I got into these in November, and they're a bit big now. I always thought I would be satisfied if I could wear those jeans. So instead of staying there, I looked in the mirror, jumped on the scale, and have decided to conquer my next goal. The final 20 lbs.

I can't begin to tell you how much my checklists mean to me. (Little bit OCD where my list are concerned) however, the is great satisfaction is crossing off the next one, not looking back any more.

Set your goals Pals and Claim your victory, no matter how SMALL!
God and Grace, Peace and Love. My name is Karlee, and I have conquered 1 and 2! I am in progress, but headed there with gusto.