Goal = Lose 50 lbs in a Year.

Hi, my name is Katie. I used MyFitnessPal to successfully lose twenty pounds a few years ago, which helped me to stay healthy during my first pregnancy. I've had another baby since then and, four years later, I now have FIFTY pounds to lose instead of twenty.

My goal is to lose the weight over the course of a year, with my Official Start Date being this coming Sunday. I'll be tracking everything I eat as best I can. I've spent this week just trying to get into the habit of logging everything again, without really working too hard to hit my calorie goals.

I'm hoping to get into the following habits:
Smaller portions (I eat healthy foods, but I tend to OVEReat healthy foods, which undoes all the good work of planning out healthy meals!)
Fewer outside-the-home food purchases: I have a serious caffeine addiction and I need to work harder at making coffee at home instead of purchasing lattes and whatnot at Starbucks. We also rely way too heavily on takeout on those tired nights where we just want to feed the kids and go to bed.
Regular exercise: My goal is to do cardio/strength three times a week and yoga twice a week.

Anybody else on a similar plan or using a similar goal? I'd love to befriend people who are also trying to eat around 1600 - 1700 calories per day so I can get a look at what you're eating and how your exercise plan is going!


  • ejsilvi
    ejsilvi Posts: 205 Member
    U can do it !
  • RNtrisha
    RNtrisha Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in the same spot. 50# in a yr. 16-1800 cal. Weigh almost 200 right :'( please be my accountability person!
  • webonly16811
    webonly16811 Posts: 1 Member
    I have set a goal of 50 pounds in a year. I have severe neuropathy so exercise is a challenge - going to try adding going to the pool at least 3 times a week and walking in the pool. I also have a number of food allergies that make eating "healthy" a challenge. I only have two goals for this year and getting my health back is my top priority - would appreciate any/all support.
  • anxietygirl
    anxietygirl Posts: 70 Member
    My serious issue isn't even WHAT I eat, it's mostly how much. And just trying to cut back on portions is so tough! I need to take up some serious cardio but, you know, two kids and a full-time job and this house that needs attention and somehow I am having trouble pulling it all together.

    We can do this, though! 50 lbs in one year is less than one pound per week, so... I am hopeful!
  • rubyslipper28
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    Go girl!! You got this!
  • proshanto
    proshanto Posts: 12 Member
    There's a group on the MFP community. Lose 1 pound a week
  • jsecret
    jsecret Posts: 606 Member
    I started just after new year with a weight of 220.6 lbs, current weight is 191-192 depending on the day. That's nearly 30 lbs - 50 is totally do able just keep going and don't give up! Feel free to send me a FR also :)
  • ally__110
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    Good luck
  • MommyWifeTeacher
    MommyWifeTeacher Posts: 6 Member
    Yes! Me... I have about 60 to loose. Mother of two young children as well.
  • JJBerk
    JJBerk Posts: 7 Member
    I'm down 55 in almost a year, with another 45 to go. If I can do it, you can too!
  • anxietygirl
    anxietygirl Posts: 70 Member
    Wow, JJBerk, you're doing great!
  • Pthakka
    Pthakka Posts: 2 Member
    Hi There, Im in a similar boat. I turn 30 in September and I told myself I want to loose 30 by 30.

    I used myfitnesspal in 2013 to loose 20 lbs for my wedding, it was tough but i did it. After the wedding, went back to hold habits gained it all back plus some.
    Now setting a bigger goal.

    Im a vegetarian so eating healthy is doable, but the things that kill me are high calorie, like CHIPS, CANDY BARS, SODA. Those are my enemies but I love them so much. Last week i logged, trying to stick to 1600 calroies per day and exercise 4 times per week. I went over in my calories everyday but was just getting in the routine of logging.

    Looking forward to logging and encouraging each other. it helps when I feel accountable for something.
  • goolhc
    goolhc Posts: 91 Member
    Hello there, my goal is to loose 40lbs, before the end of 2017. I also try to eat arround 1700 cal, only the weekends are a little bit difficult.
  • JChole
    JChole Posts: 24 Member
    Hi! I am in almost the exact same area. I lost 20 lbs after baby 1, need to lose 60 after baby 2! I started drinking more water and logging my info, but not really pushing it or truly "starting" until the 30th/1st. My immediate goal is to lose 30 lbs by September 1st- we have a girls' cruise planned and I am nowhere near comfortable in shorts or a swimsuit with where I am now. But I want to lose 60 lbs by this time next year.
  • lifeisahighway
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    Hey Katie! Welcome! I was up to 244 after baby number 2, got down to 153, went back up to 210 for baby number 3, now I'm back down to 165 and still going.
  • amylee_26
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    Hi, I'm in a similar situation :) my name is Amy, I'm 26 and just had my 5th and final baby 12 days ago! I've started walking so far, will add more exercise in as I can. Now starting to get my diet back on track, eating between 16 and 1700 calories per day. Left the hospital at 207, currently at 195. Goal weight is 130 to 135 :) could use all the motivation I can get!