I am so sad I want to eat Taco Bell


  • pinklife1117
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    Me too! Let's be strong together !!!
  • usmcmp
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    Plan it into your calories tomorrow or later this coming week. There are options on there that aren't too calorie dense and if you take it home to eat with salad or vegetables you'll still have a filling meal.
  • jenscolinharris
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    I'm eating peanut's a compromise.
  • cahubbard6421
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    Then eat Taco Bell. That's what I do when I want something bad. I eat it. I also have to make up for it later but it helps me stay true to calorie counting. Just make sure you log it!
  • TavistockToad
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    I am so sad I want to eat Taco Bell

    Go to taco bell then... or maybe look at other ways of dealing with your feelings instead of eating them?
  • Jenskiski
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    Build it in. The McDonald's Filet o' Fish commercials got me during lent and I ate a couple of them during the season. (390 calories, btw). I just planned my food day around that craving. It's ok to crave a food and eat it. It's probably not ok to get the 10 pack of tacos and down it yourself in one sitting. Find a happy medium.
  • clicketykeys
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    Are you sad because you feel you can't have Taco Bell? Or are you sad for another reason, and you feel like eating something you enjoy will help you feel better?
  • moonbeam568
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    Have tacos and plan for them ! That is why MFP works it's not about what you can and can't have it's about making this a life change . I am also an emotional eater I try to find out what's wrong and not bury my feelings with food good luck. We are here for you
  • TaraTaraTara76
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    Tacos make u sadder in the long run. Dont.
  • AyngelGirl
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    If you feel like you need it try and compromise. Create something at home that can be just as tasty but healthier. I do that with quesadillas.
  • Leah_62803
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    I'm sorry but this made me laugh so hard.
    I swear that feeling sorry for myself + Taco Bell has been my downfall every single time I've tried to lose weight. Every single time!

    Get some Taco Bell. Log it in your food journal and move on. That's what I plan to do next time I stumble.
  • strebor337
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    Look at their menu on MFP first and decide what you want to order before you go. That way you won't be as likely to overdo it.
  • nutmegoreo
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    I was wanting Taco Bell the other day. I haven't had it in years. There are none near enough to me to make it worth the trip, so sadly no Taco Bell for me. Perhaps another day.

    If you want Taco Bell, fit it into your goals. If you are wanting it for comfort/emotional eating, then it would be worth your time to work on the emotional aspects.
  • Dnarules
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    I eat taco bell every one to two weeks. I have the crunchy tacos, fresco style. I miss the sour cream and cheese a little, but I find these very satisfying.
  • Machka9
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    I want to eat at Taco Bell too ................ but the nearest one is probably about 12,000 km away.

  • melodydee66
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    Everyone once in a while, I have a craving for tacos. I go to the store and buy the groceries to make myself a large taco salad. With mostly lettuce and tomatoes, adding lean ground beef, black beans, salsa, low fat sour cream, low fat shredded cheese, avocado and ONE crunched up corn shell for the texture... I can kill the craving and still keep well within my meals allowance for calories and macros.
  • TavistockToad
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    I wonder if OP had taco bell...
  • malibu927
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    I had it twice last week. Worth every last calorie.
  • Heather4448
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    I love me some Taco Bell!