Actually trying for 10,000 steps



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    Just curious to see how many of you out there have to actually work to hit your 10,000 steps or more.

    Last October, my organisation had a fitness contest thingy where those who signed up were issued pedometers and we logged steps.

    One of the reasons I signed up was to see how many steps I was getting because I've never tracked steps. I figured that I was likely getting between 5000 and maybe 7000 steps because a lot of my exercise isn't walking ... I cycle, climb stairs, etc.

    To my surprise, I easily hit 10,000 steps every day, and ended up with an average of 15,000 steps/day.

    Turns out walking as part of my commute, walking at lunch, and walking after work ... as well as climbing stairs and walking around the office all add up! :)

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    I have a desk job and an hour commute each way so getting my steps takes real effort. Even with daily workouts I average 8-10k. Today I walked the dog after work and did Insanity Max 30 at home...I'm at 8263
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    I strive for 100,000 steps per week. That averages out to 14,000 per day. Some weeks I've missed the mark, others I surpass my goal. Today, I'm just over 10, was raining all damned day!
    I have my fitbit alarm set to nudge me if I've not moved in each hour, so I'll get up from my computer and jog in place for 10 minutes, lol!
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    Hoe do I log steps to my fitness pal exercise program
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    I have to walk around the block like 7 or 8 times to reach it. Some days I have time for that, some days not so much. I'm also a mom of 2, but mine or older.