Looking for new friends who log on every day

I'm pretty new to this app, I paid it for a year so I'm here for the long haul. Need friends who can help me on my Journey.


  • Sadiegirl1768
    Sadiegirl1768 Posts: 27 Member
    I added you
  • lallybc
    lallybc Posts: 24 Member
    Awesome thanks :-)
  • ErinMichelle31
    ErinMichelle31 Posts: 29 Member
    Hello! I added both of you too. I log in everyday, and have been really excited about this journey! I would love to have friends on this app to share with!
  • adriannenan
    adriannenan Posts: 23 Member
    Hey guys! Feel free to add me. I've been logging in everyday for the past month and am so happy with the results so far!
  • KelGen02
    KelGen02 Posts: 668 Member
    Hi there... feel free to add me, I log every day and my diary is open to friends. I have been logging faithfully since 11/28/16 when I started this new healthy lifestyle. I am down 52lbs thus far and I will swear it is due the accountability of logging every day. =)
  • lallybc
    lallybc Posts: 24 Member
    Question - how do you record a gym session - weight lifting - with out recording each machine / routine you did?
  • Mward614
    Mward614 Posts: 30 Member
    Sending friend request!
  • Lizakabibbis
    Lizakabibbis Posts: 370 Member
    I log every day! My diary is open - and I love having new friends

    @lallybc I just do the generic strength training. I don't tend to eat my extra calories so I really just use it as satisfaction to see that I exercised lol
  • worldtraveller321
    worldtraveller321 Posts: 150 Member
    always open to be a friend. and feedback as well
  • emma48209
    emma48209 Posts: 24 Member
    Hi, back on here having gained forty pounds back. Add me to your group ,have to remember we can do it with help of friends
  • tinkerbellang83
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    lallybc wrote: »
    Question - how do you record a gym session - weight lifting - with out recording each machine / routine you did?

    use a generic Weight training option in Cardio exercises instead of Strength exercises (be aware that MFP burns are somewhat inaccurate though).
  • tinkerbellang83
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    edited April 2017
    I'm a daily logger, on day 115 of my streak so far. You are welcome to add me.
  • kiesdanielle
    kiesdanielle Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me... getting back at it and need friends on here
  • Txbred87
    Txbred87 Posts: 7 Member
    I log on every day! Sending the request now :smile:
  • Par_4thecourse
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    I sent everyone here a FR, to anyone else who read this... you're welcome to add me. After all, we're all after the same goal, right? A better us. :)
  • raygunn_viola
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  • BaddS4
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    Anyone and everyone is welcome to add me. I'm a daily poster and have an open diary, not to mention a great support buddy!!! :smile:
  • brandontaylorcmm
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    New to this app, how do you add people?