Do you count your veggies and fruit?



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    Well, lets see. An average apple has about 100 calories. That's more than 2 oreos. If you had 2 oreos would you not count them?
  • LowCarb4Me2016
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    I currently count nothing but if you do count you should include fruits and veggies.
  • macchiatto
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    Yes. The only things I don't like are like chewing gum and I'm inconsistent with logging the zero-calorie sugar-free syrups I add to my coffee.
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    kobolover wrote: »
    Yeah I count everything

    Me too (when I'm logging).

    (1) I eat a LOT of vegetables as well as some fruit and they can add up. (Just breakfast alone today was 134 of 409 calories from vegetables plus not that many berries. I ate a bunch of veg with lunch too, and I'm sure I will for dinner, and I have pineapple I'm planning on for dessert.)

    (2) IF logging (I often don't), my goal is to find my macros that I am eating and my TDEE, and leaving out fruits and veg would make this worthless (fruits and veg are a huge part of my carbs).

    (3) My goal in logging is not merely to stay under a certain calorie goal, but to make sure I am eating a nutritious diet (including particularly a varied and adequate amount of vegetables regularly) and see if there are any connections between by diet and it being harder or easier not to overeat, mood, energy level, workout performance, etc. I am pretty confident that I do eat around 10+ servings of veg a day at this point, but it would be nice to know if issues are connect with being unusually low on them or skipping them on certain meals or not eating enough at certain meals, as well as to make sure I'm not in a rut and always eating the same 4-5 choices. Logging is really helpful with giving me a record to look at.

    (4) I'm on or off with logging -- I'm logging everything or monitoring through a different way entirely. Trying to do some things and not others would drive me crazy and feel pointless. I might be looser on measuring low cal things, although I mostly measure veg when cooking so scale is the easiest option other than maybe greens.
  • Momjogger
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    I don't count any leafy greens, broccoli, zucchini, celery, cucumbers,etc. I do count all starchy vegetables including winter squashes and all fruits. I also do not eat back any exercise calories though. People that play with their numbers by eating back exercise calories live closer to the "edge" of their weight loss calories and need to count everything, so I guess it depends on how you are tracking everything. I can't live in minutiae. It would drive me crazy, but everyone is different. You need to figure out what works for you.
  • SherryTeach
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    The other reason to log fruit and veg is that MFP data lets you look at your total nutrition. Now that I've been on maintenance for several years, my main use of my diary is to make sure that I'm getting balanced nutrition.
  • Alatariel75
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    I don't eat fruit at all and still log my veggies, because I can eat 200-300 calories of them a day.
  • mlinci
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    I stopped weighing things like raw spinach and salad leaves, as it doesn't matter whether I eat 4 or 8 calories worth. I still log them approximately, more as assurance I'm eating enough vegetables. I also tend to eyeball the calories in raw tomatoes - they are very low calorie and consistent in size so easy to estimate. I tend to weigh and log everything else where possible.
    Obviously, I don't always have access to a scale, so it's useful to learn e.g. what a 100 calorie banana looks like, calories in small vs. large apple etc. I am quite good now at guessing weight and calories of things.
  • dutchandkiwi
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    I eat it - I log it. I know my fruits and veg can add up to about 400 cal a day - 'forgetting' about that means that I'd forget up to third of my calorie goal for a day.That would not work
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    Yes. I lost weight doing Weightwatchers where you don't have to count fruit but I still knew I had to limit it otherwise my weight loss would slow right down. Fruit does actually contain a fair amount of calories - not withstanding it's obvious health benefits
  • JoJosAnatomymfp
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    I log everything that goes in my mouth
  • Rosie_McA
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    Absolutely. I get through plenty of bananas, apples, and raspberries on a daily basis. I reckon around 300cals per day on fruit. As for veggies - probably around 500cals a day on zucchini, broccoli, savoy cabbage, beetroot, cauliflower, and so on. Big veggie fan and don't really care for staples such as rice and pasta.
  • Jadedinosaur
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    Yes. Today my snack (blueberries & raspberries) and the courgette with dinner add to ~130cals (depending on the weight of the courgette later). That's not a lot, but that's also not a high veggie day (about average for my fruit). They are pretty low calorie for volume but they could still add up and quickly and I like to have a more accurate number every day.
  • malioumba
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    I think the only veggie I don't log are leafy greens. Sometimes I do, but not all the time. I certainly never weigh it.
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    Hey, I count everything that goes into my mouth, even gum and mints :)
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    sarahpro85 wrote: »
    Ok, maybe a ton was not the correct word lol. I meant you can eat a good amount all day and lose weight, but I just was not sure if you really have to log them in seeing as though they help with weight loss. True on the avocado and bananas. I guess I just meant really low cal veg/fruit...

    Zucchini is a low calorie vegie. On Tuesday I ate 800g of it in dinner.... If it didn't get logged that's a whole lot of missing calories.

    I log everything.... The majority of my carb intake is vegies (and mostly low cal ones) and some fruit. I would definitely not lose weight if I was given free reign on vegetables!
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    Of course I log my fruit and veg!

    Bananas are about 100 cal
    Apples are maybe 80 cal
    Mangos are up around 130 cal

    If you're on a 1300 calorie diet ... those pieces of fruit start to add up!