what makes you happy ?



  • khorshidnaz16
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  • KrazyLeeLee
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    Good beer
    My wifey
    Going on adventures with the kiddos
    Solving real tough problems
    Watching my muscles get bigger and my waist smaller
  • Joy in my daughter's eyes, sunshine on bare skin, being close to the ocean, melted chocolate, homemade bread fresh from the oven with melted butter and herbs, faded aprons, painted toenails, the way light falls across and filters through objects, time alone, fabric moving in a breeze, a day without obligations, touch
  • mrwineismybf
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    My boys
    My job
  • LonniJay
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    Rick and Morty
  • IslandDreamer64
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    Sunshine, the ocean, children laughing, quite time at home on the weekend, my job, my husband. I'm generally happy most of the time, so many things in life bring me joy!
  • maeld56
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    Too much to list,
    the MOST HAPPY would be my grandson o:)
  • gym4life64
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    You can't be old enough to have a grandson
  • JeromeBarry1
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    ^^^that's really sad

    You cheer up. It's not your life I'm living.
  • LonniJay
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    And when the tacos don't gives you the *kitten*.
    Same with chinese food.
  • TheRealVanillaIce
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    A phone that charges
    Fun times with fun people
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Watching Children play, so full of curiosity​, Happiness & Innocence :heart:
  • lqqkingatu
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    Right now? Knowing that, in the morning, I'm going to the best strawberry place, roadside, right at the fields, to get a flat of enormous sweet berries....
  • MrStabbems
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    Those little movements ya do every morning :blush:
  • AliNouveau
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    Being told I haven't changed in 25 years.
    Chocolate ice cream
  • Dazzler21
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    My daughter
    My dog
    My gym
    My legs when they're not injured
    My vlient's results.
    My friend's results
    My own results
  • Dazzler21
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    It's always warm enough to run, just gotta get out there and push yourself!