Should I log new weight?

WandaVaughn Posts: 420 Member
I skipped logging weight for a bit, logged a new weight yesterday. Stepped on the scales this morning and was down just short of 2 more pounds.

Do I log the new weight??


  • YogaBookLady37
    YogaBookLady37 Posts: 34 Member
    I only log losses on MFP. I weigh daily and log it in the Happy Scale app-I like the moving average and the graphs it generates. Makes the ups a little easier to take.
  • vkr2q7
    vkr2q7 Posts: 68 Member
    I do the same as @YogaBookLady37 . The graphs make it really easy for me too see when fluctuations happen and make me not worry too much about gains.
  • jsecret
    jsecret Posts: 606 Member
    I log every loss (even if it is a fluke). If I go more than a week without hitting that weight again then I log my current weight that day and continue.
  • pacingoamy
    pacingoamy Posts: 78 Member
    I'm the opposite in that I want to 'see' a new weight consistently 3x before I log it. I weigh every day and I know how I fluctuate.
  • Debmal77
    Debmal77 Posts: 4,770 Member
    Every day for trends!
  • pitegny
    pitegny Posts: 1,006 Member
    I also weigh every day and log it in Happy Scale, then log once a week on MFP.
  • Xceptional
    Xceptional Posts: 8 Member
    I tend to check my weight more often when focusing more on cardio intensive workouts over a few weeks. Once switching/starting a more strength related workout, I'd look more at how your body changes than the weight on the scale.
  • WandaVaughn
    WandaVaughn Posts: 420 Member
    Thanks all, for the input.I appreciate it. I'll wait around and see if those numbers stay.... as hard as that may be. :wink:
    Xceptional wrote: »
    Once switching/starting a more strength related workout, I'd look more at how your body changes than the weight on the scale.

    I'm big with my cardio, but I'm about to start adding strength related exercise, too, so I'll be on the lookout for body changes. I have my current measurements -- wish I'd written the numbers down on January 1st. Oh well. That me is in the past.

  • Penthesilea514
    Penthesilea514 Posts: 1,189 Member
    I have recently switched from logging only losses to trying to log daily so I can see trends. I think it helps me be more accountable and understand my body. But whatever works best for you and your goals, I would do.

    Good luck! :smiley:
  • megomerrett
    megomerrett Posts: 442 Member
    I log weekly. Same day, same time, naked. Sometimes I weigh daily but I don't log it. Maybe I should. I also log and measure my inches - really helpful for motivation as this month I've lost only about half a lb but I've lost at least an inch.
  • 1PoisonIvy
    1PoisonIvy Posts: 894 Member
    I weigh daily, but log weekly
  • stm712015
    stm712015 Posts: 138 Member
    bensmom555 wrote: »
    I just log a NEW low weight, not the daily ups and downs. In other words, if I loose a pound, I log it, then if it goes up and down the next few days/weeks/whatever, I don't log until it is the next NEW pound lost.

    My typical trend is to loose 1-3 pounds and then go up and down for 12-15 days, then loose another pound or two, then up and down 12+ days, then loose .... etc.

    It's been this way for the last year, but I still am loosing with the same 1200 calories per day, no matter my exercise or other things, just loosing a bit slower the further I go along.

    This just works for me, otherwise, I was going crazy with loosing and then gaining up and down, feeling like there was no progress - now I can see my trends on my mfp graph in stair steps.

    I am at 67 pounds lost in 350 days.

    Yep, this is exactly what I do too.
  • monsmaark
    monsmaark Posts: 1 Member
    I only weigh myself once per week. There are too many fluctuations when weighing every day. Additionally, I log both weight gains & weight losses (it helps keep me motivated).

    For those of you who are only logging your weight losses, it can be very motivating but also self-sabotaging. Not logging weight gains means you are not recognizing where you are having difficulties. I will never tell anyone what to do, but I would recommend trying to log both the weight losses and weight gains for a couple of weeks.

    (Note: If you eat a bunch of high calorie meals over a couple of days, you may not see that affect your weight for at least a week.)
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