Comment if you're looking for some new friends and fitness motivation!



  • weightlosslynsey
    weightlosslynsey Posts: 2 Member
    New to MFP and would love some friends to encourage each other in living a healthier life :) xxx
  • nbrownmc
    nbrownmc Posts: 10 Member
    Feel free to add me :smile:
    I follow LCHF (keto) way of eating and I have 100 pounds to lose.
    I'd love some new friends to motivate and cheer on (and receive some in return)!
  • Kitty2017xxx
    Kitty2017xxx Posts: 7 Member
    Yes Please!! Need to take back my life and get some control!!! All support welcome
  • fitnessfan993
    fitnessfan993 Posts: 2 Member
    Would love some fitness friends!
  • viktorija32
    viktorija32 Posts: 48 Member
    Please add me too.
  • claudia_md
    claudia_md Posts: 24 Member
    Hi feel free to add me. Heavy lifting for about 3 years. Played sports all my life. Graduating med school this year and trying to balance my life! Maybe a completion this year?
  • wilsokris
    wilsokris Posts: 98 Member
    I've been on MFP for 400+ days but just started Keto.
    Always looking for new friends to support and cheer on!
    Add me ;)
  • shellifish7295
    shellifish7295 Posts: 50 Member
    Feel free to add me! Looking for more friends so we can motivate each other and keep each other accountable.
  • niva330
    niva330 Posts: 2 Member
    I need motivation. Let me know what workouts all of you do. How did you get started.
  • tcube1
    tcube1 Posts: 2 Member
    Im trying to lean out and want to join the community
  • jordiblu
    jordiblu Posts: 145 Member
    Add me
  • stefisaca
    stefisaca Posts: 31 Member
    me ~~
  • fa_raza
    fa_raza Posts: 3 Member
    Gained weight after wedding =\ need motivation and help! Also a family wedding coming up! Add me please ! :#
  • w777ndy
    w777ndy Posts: 4 Member
    New to the App and would love to get a circle of fittie friends.
  • jessica_jcp
    jessica_jcp Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to aff I don't know how to add friends :(
  • katrinanne
    katrinanne Posts: 20 Member
    Haven’t been on in a long time, back again
  • marinabiv
    marinabiv Posts: 1 Member
    I also gained weight need extra help and motivatin here! Add me I need all the support I can get, really trying this time!!!
  • Summergirl198
    Summergirl198 Posts: 6 Member
    Yes!!!! I’m always looking for people to share my goals with!
  • laurenbastug
    laurenbastug Posts: 307 Member
    Always looking for new friends to share in struggles and triumphs :) trying to get down another 10 pounds before my wedding in September! Wish MFP had a better social interaction interface though.
  • Nan7114
    Nan7114 Posts: 276 Member
    Always looking for friends and motivation