What do you think has caused you to be underweight/overweight



  • chantelp0508
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    Depression and binge eating. Plain and simple
  • Cocoa1020
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    Years of over eating, eating seconds, eating dessert when eating out (after overeating). I just love food.

    other than over eating I do cook healthy and always have, lean meats, lots of veggies, whole grains. it was just the amount of food i would consume

    also chocolate. love it. >.< if its in front of me I will probably eat it
  • cwolfman13
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    I was a competitive athlete for most of my life growing up and then the Marine Corps out of high school and then in college I was pretty active doing landscape construction in the summers and working retail in the winters and didn't own a car so I biked or walked everywhere...I never had issues with weight until I graduated and took a desk job and my activity level went into the toilette.

    I'm good now, but I spent about 8 years getting fat.
  • Piqueaboo
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    I substituted love with food. I didn't get a lot of love growing up so I ate.
  • NewMeSM75
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    Bad habits and I enjoy food...
  • glitterng
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    Genetics (thanks, dad), and stress/busy life taking care of everyone else but me. Now I'm carving out time and effort for myself to do this as my health has suffered a great deal which isn't good for anybody. As you are a young male, may I suggest you visit the Air Force page and hunt up the link for "getting in shape to join the service" thing. It has a fantastic exercise program that slowly gets you in shape. Men by nature lose weight easier than women, so perhaps just making this one change will help you get a long way to your goal.
  • crackpotbaby
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    Mental illness. Psychiatric medications. Not caring about myself anymore.
  • Wolfger
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    3 things: Mountain Dew (and other non-diet pop), mindless eating (the bag of chips is empty before I realize I'm still eating), and boredom eating. I used to drink at least 4-6 liters of Mountain Dew a day when I was your age. That's an insane number of completely empty calories. And I could/would demolish a "family-size" bag of Doritos in one sitting.
  • amusedmonkey
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    I became obese because enjoying whatever food I wanted whenever I wanted in whatever quantity I wanted looked shinier to me than a thinner frame. Basically just different priorities. My problem was not with sweets and conventional snacks. My regular serving was not big then, and it's not big now. Half a cup of ice cream is more than enough, and I rarely drank soda. I enjoyed food, though. A lot of it. I snacked on nuts all day and drenched my vegetables and greek yogurt with olive oil. I loved making butter and salt, or butter and sugar sandwiches, and ate too much hummus...etc. I also ate whatever is in sight just because the act of eating itself is enjoyable to me too, regardless of the food (and doubly enjoyable if the food is great). When my priorities changed, my eating habits had to change too despite of my internal temper tantrums.
  • YaGigi
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    Simple. I used to eat too much.
  • gdionelli
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    Definitely issues with my late mother. When I was growing up she would make fun of my pudginess, and encourage my brother to do likewise. Even though we ate healthy at meals, there were always homemade cookies and candies in the house, and I learned early to eat in secret. Even into adulthood there were often comments about my weight.
  • junodog1
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    Me? It breaks down to Sloth and Gluttony. I'm lazy and I like to eat. I got no good reasons.
  • EmPersson
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    I used to eat too much - generally being lazy and not cooking healthy foods, excusing myself for it because I work all day. Then eating one too many slices because it's just so yummy. And then having mixed drinks - every night. I used to mix with soft drinks, until my dad was hospitalized with pancreatitis, and I found out his dad, and his uncle died from pancreatic cancer. I cut out soft drinks COLD at that point. Which meant the hard liquor was just straight, or mixed with seltzer or tea. Either way, still not good. When I decided I needed to lose weight, I knew I needed to get into a routine that I wouldn't be embarrassed to tell my doctor about - cutting back on the weeknight liquor, and start cooking for myself again!
  • Sara2652
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    I was born hungry and my dying words will likely be 'I'm still hungry'.

    Disordered eating, emotional, impulsive, mindless comforting eating. Fast food & junk food.
  • jroy1999
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    Well, it started due to being pregnant. But I ended up at my highest weight ever post pregnancy due to stress, moving, and taking care of everything/ one but me. Had the high blood pressure to go along with it, so knew things had to change.