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So I think this weekend I am going to check out a gym membership. I have heard people mention leg day and cardio day. For a beginner going to the gym.... what routine should I start with? My goal is to go at least twice a week.

So with all that being said...share your gym workout routine with me.


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    Are you wanting to lift weights, or do cardio, or both?

    Stronglifts 5X5 is a simple lifting program with only 5 lifts to learn. It has an app you can download to track your weights/progress, makes it really simple. You can check it out at It's 3 days a week, so if you want to do cardio, too, you can work cardio in on the days you aren't lifting.

    This thread talks about Stronglifts and lots of other good lifting programs.
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    I think it's best to define your goals first. Start simple, as mentioned Stronglift's is a great first program. The link above has some great programs if you don't like the look of a 5x5 program but I wouldn't suggest starting off with a split program, it is a lot to learn. Use a simple program to learn the discipline of going to the gym and as you progress you can move into more involved programs.
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    There's no need for a leg day if you aren't going to add in your other body parts. Just go and find out what you like. I always enjoyed group classes. You are more likely to stick with it if you enjoy it.
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    Fitbod is an app that can help you define your goals and also set up workouts for you. All you do is enter the weights that you lifted for each set. Really simply and a great workout. You can also set the time for how long you are going to be at the gym.
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    What is your goal? Mine is losing weight and toning muscle so I do daily cardio 30 min a day 7 days a week which consists of treadmill running and walking . Usually do 2.5 miles in 30 min. On top of that I do 3 days a week weights. One push day which is chest and shoulders, 1 pull day which is pulling Motions that gets back and biceps and what not and 1 leg day which is walking lunges and goblet squats. Also on weight days I do abs which is 60-70 ab exercises
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    Does the gym has a free time session with a trainer?
    I like the treadmills and some light weight lifting
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    Well you first need to know your fitness goal. Once you figure that out it a well structured nutrition plan and physical exercise will help you achieve your goal. As a beginner I would recommend a simple upper and lower body workout routine along with cardio as well.

    You could also start with some body weight exercises which are great to develop overall body strength like planks, push ups, chin-ups and squats. As time passes you can progress to more advanced workout programs.

    Discipline and consistency is the key here, try going to the gym at least 4 times in a week.

    Nihal khan
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    There's many ways/routines you can workout.
    Right now I have upper body, lower body (twice each) and one cardio day. It's simple and it fits my schedule.
    But it will depend on what your goals are. In the beginning the key is to keep it simple so you stick with it.
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    Some gyms have a free session with a personal trainer for signing up, or a discount, or something like that. Maybe see about getting a session so they can advise as to what you should do, and you can get ideas that way.
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    If you're going twice a week then you will definitely want something full body- don't worry yourself with "leg day" or whatever random people say. As stated above, it really does depend on your goals. But again, if you're only going twice a week you will want to work your whole body both times. That can be a prescribed program with some cardio (if that's your thing), or some sort of fitness class.
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    She said it ^
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    Are you already working out at home or in some other way, and just adding the gym membership so you can add strength training? If so, I second the above.

    If you're new to working out, and just want to add some more activity to your day, I'd take one step back first, and suggest that you try various things the gym offers, or even take some group fitness classes at various places, and see what you enjoy most. Yes, take advantage of any introductory training session or orientation that your gym offers.

    If we enjoy what we're doing, we're more likely to do it regularly. A theoretically ideal workout we don't do is less effective than a less-ideal workout that we do regularly, plus the latter is just more fun.

    Once you get going with some activity you enjoy and do regularly, you can build on that to set fitness goals and bring other activities into your routine. Once you can clarify some specific goals, folks here can be a lot of help in figuring out how to reach them.